The Personal Responsibility Vortex: Bret Weinstein at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege
“Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary theorist and member of the faculty at The Evergreen State College. In “Natural Selection and the Evolution of Climate Change” he considers how the choices individuals make trying to do right, can often be ineffective or even harmful.”


Analyzing Personal Responsibility Vortex


Players: competing corporations


  • benevolent– operate ethically; don’t externalize the costs of production
  • malevolent– operate by any means necessary; externalize the costs of production when it gives a competitive advantage; don’t externalize when it provides no advantage
  • mixed benevolent-malevolent– sometimes operate by any means necessary, sometimes not



Context & Assumptions:


  • there is no firewall between the market and the regulatory apparatus, thus positive feedback

  • where there is no benefit to being ruthless, the players will come out dead even

  • where there is no ability to act without being ruthless, the benevolent player cannot compete, since it cannot deploy its strategy


Telos: widespread market ruthlessness (cause) that creates degradation of the commons leading to climate change (symptom)