Mass Shootings

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The Whole. What is it?

Mass shootings is a very big issue in the world today. They are happening more often than they use too. People are still trying to put their figure on the reason for the mass shootings. Some want to say it is about racism and discrimation. I think it is all about the person. Yes there is racist people in the world but just because a white man goes and shot up a church full of black people does not mean every whit people is racist. And today this is how the world judge people. There has been several mass shooting within the last couple years. You have the Charleston shoot which in this case this young man was a terrorist and a white supremacist. Then you have the Las Vegas shooting which they call the deadliest shooting ever committed by an individual in the United States. The 67 years old man motive is still unknown for the shooting.


The Point. Why bother understanding it?

[Make a case for the utility for society of the knowledge generated by studying this social form]


The Machine. Briefly describe the content depicted in your infographic.

An example of this social form acting within society is the Las Vegas shooting. This shooting left 58 dead and hundreds of people injured. This shooting left the world in complete shock. People are calling it the worst shooting in modern day history.


Supportive Functions. What are the services that it generally exists for?  What other institutions, social structures, and lifestyles does it support?

Other social forms that it helps or enable is shooting sprees and rampage violence, and also rape and domestic violence.


Antagonistic Functions. What other institutions, social structures, and lifestyles does it create problems for?

In today world it is so hard to trust people. You cannot even look at people the wrong way without the fear of being killed. So that makes it hard for people to trust anyone now days. I was born and raised in the south were it was normal for you to speak to people you did not know. Growing up in my house my grandmother would welcome people off the streets into our home for a hot meal. Now today you cannot even trust people on no level. People kill for no reason at all, and without giving you any thought about it. It makes people have to live in a world where they always have to look over their shoulder.


Historical Cultural Conditions. Why did this social form come about when it did?  What historical cultural conditions made it possible?

The right to bear arms in the United States is a very big deal. To me this is why people can kill so freely and always have an excuse to why you took someone life away. A gun can give a person so much power. And the fact that you can just about purchase a gun from anyway now days does not make the situation any better. I think that the right to bear arms is the number one reason why there are so many mass killings in the world today.




(Principle #1)— Gossip on Mass Shooting: The world makes up their own reason for why things happen the way they do. They never let the facts justify the reasons. They are just quick to point fingers and blame the next man for someone else actions.


Example Artifact A. “Mental health is your problem here,” Donald Trump said in a press conference early Monday morning. Trump was addressing the cause, or what he believes to be the cause, of the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.”


Summary A. This is just another assumption that our President and many other have to say about why the many shooting that has occurred in the United States. No one really has a real reason so they make all these assumptions like oh he me must be mentally ill or crazy.]


Example Artifact B. “As Gossip Cop reported, many Hollywood stars reacted to the shooting on Twitter shortly after the news broke, while many more celebrities urged stricter gun laws in the wake of the massacre. For his part, Trump tweeted earlier Monday morning, “My warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas shooting.” A White House official also said in a statement, “We are monitoring the situation closely and offer our full support to state and local officials. All of those affected are in our thoughts and prayers.”

– [


Summary B. [The media has a way of changing a person opinion of society and a way of making a person look the other instead of relying on facts.


Excerpt. “Violent outburst of anger and disgust at the “damned gossipers” are characteristics of most Minevillers when some of their own private affairs are aired in the public. The part that themselves play in airing the affairs of others they seem to overlook. While it is true that most of them pretend to refrain from circulating information in which will be harmful to the other fellow, all townsfolk are dispensers of gossip, be it harmful or not.”

– [Gossip in the Small Town by A. Blumenthal pg. 129]


Commentary. People do not realize how gossip can effect one life. People turn to violence at time when they hear about what someone has supposedly said about them. False news from the media and internet can take a toll on a person life as well. People tend to go into deep depression about themselves just because of what someone has said about them. Which could lead to a lot of harm.


(Principle #2)— Technology and Video Games: How does technology and video games play apart in mass shooting.


Example Artifact A. “In the wake of the shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday that left 13 dead, we have seen the resurrection of an all-too-familiar debate: Did violent video games make the killer do it?

Reports suggest that the gunman, Aaron Alexis, played quite a bit of violent video games. Friends have said to reporters that his heavy game use, described as up to 16 hours at a time, may help explain his actions.”



Summary A. How the advancement in technology has introduced these new video games that influence people?


Example Artifact B. “Smart technologies, coupled with advancing practices and policies, can make a difference,” Patriot One Technologies CEO Martin Cronin told FOX Business’ Ashley Webster Thursday. “But people go there for a good time. They go to move freely. They don’t want to fundamentally change the way of life.”

Already, some hotels across the country are implementing measures to beef up their security in wake of the shooting.…/fox-news-video-will-technology-play-key-role-preventing-.



Summary B. Stepping up security systems in hotel and other public places may prevent a lot of crime.


Excerpt. “Turning from this specific community for a moment, let us examine the technical changes which took place and the reason for the change. Divisions points on a railroad are established by the frequency with which the rolling stock must be serviced and the operating crews changes. At the turn of the century when this particular road was built, the engines produced wet steam at low temperatures.”

– [Death by Dieselization  A case study in the Reaction to Technology Change Pg. 545]


Commentary. Before technology advanced there was not a lot a person could do to for entertainment. There was not video games or computers that created a fiction life of violence that people would one day try to act out. A lot of people think that mentally ill people turn to video games for ways to feel normal. But the end result turns into violence.


(Principle #3)—Gun Control: Gun control is a leading cause in mass shooting.


Example Artifact A. “As the nation continues to reel from the nation’s worst mass shooting in modern history, politicians and other opportunists find the massacre too inviting not to exploit. The knee-jerk cravenness of liberals to scrape up their calls for gun-control while demonizing the National Rifle Association (NRA) immediately sucks all the air out of the room, eliminating any discussion or investigation of other foundational forces driving mass violence.”…/10/…/tammy-bruce-why-gun-control-wont-end-mass-murder



Summary A. When it comes to gun laws and making them responsible for some of the tragedies that has happen people seem to lose interest in the conversation.


Example Artifact B. “There is a tendency after mass casualty events like the Las Vegas shooting last month or the Texas church shooting on Sunday to ask if now, finally, things will change in the gridlocked politics of gun control.

The answer to that question is, always, no. And there’s a very simple reason why — as explained by President Donald Trump when asked at a news conference in Japan about the Texas shooting that left at least 26 people dead:

“This isn’t a guns situation. This is a mental health problem at the highest level. It’s a very, very sad event. A very, very sad event, but that’s the way I view it.”




Summary B. The answer will forever and always be “no” gun control laws has no affect on the way society.


Excerpt. “A successful city neighborhood is a place that keeps sufficiently abreast of its problems so it is not destroyed by them. An unsuccessful neighbor is a place that is overwhelmed by its defects and problems and is progressively more helpless before them. Our cities contain all degrees of success and failure. But on the whole we Americans are poor at handling city neighborhoods, as can be seen by the long accumulations of failures in our great gray belts on the one hand, and by the Turfs of rebuilt city on the other hand”

– Kinds of City Neighborhoods and Their Uses ph. 345


Commentary. The way our neighborhood and communities are ran makes it hard for citizens to remain safe. They have bar rooms and corners where schools are located. You can just about go purchase a gun from any store any even the covenant store. In order to make us feel like our lives matter the government needs to address the issues about gun control and stop making it so easy for the criminals to commit crimes.


(Principle #4)— [Capitalism affects Gun Control]: Capitalism will always play apart in gun control laws.


Example Artifact A. “The gun manufacturing lobby has become the quiet partner in this country’s gun rights negotiations. In a country that has more guns per capita, more actual guns, more gun fatalities per capita and more gun-related crimes per capita than any other incorporated region on the planet, it would be reasonable to discuss the implications of all of this, one would think. Gun manufacturers would be held liable for their products — as you would expect from any manufacturer — and the manufacturer would not, in any way, be involved in the regulation of its own product.”…gun…influenced.


Summary A. How this country makes it so easy to buy a gun.


Example Artifact B. “Under capitalism, it is the government’s job to use force to defend its citizen’s rights; however, government is not omnipotent, and it is not omnipresent: it cannot be everywhere.

In cases where the protective forces of government cannot arrive to a criminal situation in time to prevent an irreversible situation, i.e., such as a murder, one has the right to those means necessary to protect themselves, until the police can arrive to handle the situation, i.e., an intrusion by a would-be rapist when a woman is alone in her apartment.”

  • org/category/guns



Summary B. The government has the right to use necessary force to protect the country no matter what the situation may be.


Excerpt. “Now only do these exceptions to the duty to labor naturally
no longer hold for Baxter, but he holds most emphatically that
wealth does not exempt anyone from the unconditional command.28 Even the wealthy shall not eat without working, for even
though they do not need to labor to support their own needs,
there is God’s commandment which they, like the poor, must
obey.29 For everyone without exception God’s Providence has
prepared a calling, which he should profess and in which he
should labor. And this calling is not, as it was for the
Lutheran,30 a fate to which he must submit and which he must
make the best of, but God’s commandment to the individual to
work for the divine glory. This seemingly subtle difference had
far-reaching psychological consequences, and became connected with a further development of the providential interpretation of the economic order which had begun in scholasticism”


– [Asceticism and The Spirit of Capitalism]


Commentary. Capitalism plays a very big part in the way society is ran when it comes to gun control. If the law was changed people would think that they have no power and would fill helpless. I personally don’t think that the right to bear arms should be taken away but it just should be adjusted to were society is safe and is not ran by people with guns and money.


(Principle #5)— Alienation Separation from Society]: Alienation separation from society effects a person social behavior.


Example Artifact A. “Social isolation continues to be the keystone and hallmark indicator of propensities for the type of homicidal psychopathy displayed by mass shooters. But what creates the isolation?

▪ Early childhood neglect and abuse and subsequent low self-esteem

▪ Environmental factors combined with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses

▪ Family criminal history

▪ Feeling like a “stranger in a strange land” — the loss of a sense of belonging”



Summary A. Explains how people with low that suffer from neglect and depression turn to violence


Example Artifact B. “In seeking to find out what led to the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard, we must ask the right questions. What features of American society make us more prone to mass homicides? Many will focus on the availability of guns. Others will note that mass homicides are overwhelmingly committed by men, or comment on the role that untreated mental illness can play. We must also examine the role of social isolation: It can be a tripwire for violence and mask our ability as a society to see violence coming.…shootings…does…isolation…mass…


Summary B. Trying to figure out the real reason behind the mass shooting and what solution is the best route to stop the killings.


Excerpt. “The first of these uses refers to alienation in the sense of powerlessness. This is the notion of alienation as it originated in the Marxian view of the worker’s condition in capitalist society: the worker is alienated to the extent that the prerogative and means of decision are expropriated by the ruling entrepreneurs”


–  Citation: “On the Meaning of Alienation,” by Melvin Seeman in Sociological Theory: a book of reading, page 784


Commentary. In today society power is everything and sometime when a person feels powerless they tend to do whatever it takes to get the things they want in life. It could also play a part in the way the person was raised if they were neglected or abused. There are many factors to take into consideration when you are asking yourself why are people using gun control as a result to get the things they want in life.


(Principle #6)— Alcoholism and Drugs: Ways Alcoholism and drugs play apart in the society.


Example Artifact A. “ALCOHOL ABUSE Federal law prohibits the purchase and possession of guns by anyone who is “an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance.” But the statute ignores alcohol abuse. That is also a mistake. The evidence linking alcohol abuse and gun-related violence is compelling. One study found that subjects who had ever been in trouble at work for drinking or were ever hospitalized for alcohol abuse were at increased risk of committing homicide and suicide.”…/violent-drunk-and-holding-a-gun.htm


Summary A. There have been laws set in place to prevent purchase of guns by people who are an addicted to any controlled substance. The government makes it possible for these people to do so then turn the other cheek when something happens and calls it a mistake.


Example Artifact B. “The use of alcohol and drugs can negatively affect all aspects of a person’s life, impact their family, friends and community, and place an enormous burden on American society. One of the most significant areas of risk with the use of alcohol and drugs is the connection between alcohol, drugs and crime.

Alcohol and drugs are implicated in an estimated 80% of offenses leading to incarceration in the United States such as domestic violence, driving while intoxicated, property offenses, drug offenses, and public-order offenses.

Our nation’s prison population has exploded beyond capacity and most inmates are in prison, in large part, because of substance abuse:

  • 80% of offenders abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Nearly 50% of jail and prison inmates are clinically addicted.
  • Approximately 60% of individuals arrested for most types of crimes test positive for illegal drugs at arrest.”


Summary B. Being a substance abuser can really take a negative toll on a person life. It can lead you to making the wrong decision and you end up spending time in prison for something that could have been avoid with the proper help.


Excerpt. “A relatively small group of prepatients come into the
mental hospital willingly, because of their own idea of
what will be good for them, or because of wholehearted
agreement with the relevant members o[ their f*rly.
Presumably these recruits have found themselves acting
in a way which is evidence to them that they are losing
their minds or losing control of themselves’ This view of
oneself would seem to be one of the most pervasively
threatening things that can happen to the self in our
society, especially since it is likely to occur at a time
when the person is in any case sufficiently troubled to
exhibit the kind of symptom which he himself can see’
As Sullivan described it,
What we discover in the self-system of a person
undergoing schizophrenic change or schizophrenia
process, is then, in its simplest form, an extremely
fear-marked puzzlement, consisting of the use of
rather generalized and anything but exquisitely refined referential processes in an attempt to cope
with what is essentially a failure at being human failure at being”

– [The Moral Career of the Mental Patient pg. 131]


Commentary. There are so many things discovered about a person when a crime has been committed. They use any and every excuse to justify why the make the decision to do what they did. And then there are people that have a real substance abuse addition that do not get the proper help they need and then will be sent to death or given the most punishment because they never received the proper help they needed and the end result was someone getting hurt.


(Principle #7)—Race: Race plays a major part in society today


Example Artifact A. “The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was shocking in its scale — but it wasn’t a surprise that it was committed by a white male.

Statistics show that since 1982, the majority of mass shootings — 54 percent — were committed by white men, according to data from Mother Jones. Black people were the second largest perpetrators of mass shootings based on ethnic background, but only accounted for roughly 16 percent of the total incidents during the same time period.


Summary A. There has been a very high percentage rate that white men commit more mass shooting than any other race since 1982.


Example Artifact B. “Mother Jones, back in 2012, created a timeline that compiled mass shootings in the US from 1982 to 2012. Since then, there have been at least 8 mass shootings in 2013 and 2014, bringing the total to at least 70. The criteria Mother Jones used to define “mass shootings” (at least four or more dead) can be found here.

Some similarities between the shootings are relatively common knowledge – men were all but one of the shooters. The majority were white. Average age, 35—the youngest was 11. The killers possessed a total of 143 guns between them, more than three quarters of which were obtained legally. A majority were mentally troubled and showed signs beforehand. › Ethics & Value


Summary B. Most of all the mass shooting have something in common. The gender, race, and the age group was somewhat the same.


Excerpt. “Many questioned
the rigor of these drug courier profiles, given that
judicial opinions containing the testimony of
DEA agents showed startling inconsistencies on
the use of the profiles (Cole 2000, at 48-49). For
example, Case A might say that agents considered the person observed suspicious because he
got off the plane first Case B might find the person was suspicious because he got off last; Case
C would say agents considered it suspicious that
the person got off in the middle of all of the passengers. Such inconsistencies seemed to show that
the DEA based its profiles not on the full universe
of relevant data, thoroughly analyzed, but on the
use of selective, anecdotal thinking dressed up as
something vaguely scientific.

– [U.S. Experiences with Racial and Ethnic Profiling pg. 315]


Commentary. In today society people tend to judge you by your race. They racial profile you before they even know you. If you black and live in a lower poverty city, then people atomically think you are a criminal. When just because you may be a black male or white male or whatever the case may be. People should not use their power against you in a violent way.


(Principle #8)—Religious Preference: Religion is used all the time as an excuse for people’s actions.


Example Artifact A. “In some cases, forgiveness of offenders has doubled as a political act of resistance. When white supremacist Dylann Roof opened fire on an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine, the families of victims made headlines by forgiving Roof publiclyduring the trial.

“We have no room for hating, so we have to forgive,” said the sister of one victim.

“I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you,” said the daughter of another.

In that case, the public forgiveness expressed toward Roof served to intensify the grotesque senselessness of his crimes: Roof sought to prove his self-appointed superiority over people of color, only to receive kindness and dignity from members of the community he had hurt the most.”…/christians-forgiveness-mass-shootings-turn-cheek-religion


Summary A. Real children of God find it in their hearts to forgive someone that took a loved one life for no reason at all.


Example Artifact B. “”We must come to the firm determination that there is a fundamental problem in our society,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in a statement. “A Culture of Life cannot tolerate, and must prevent, senseless gun violence in all its forms. May the Lord, who Himself is Peace, send us His Spirit of charity and nonviolence to nurture His peace among us all.”…/religious-political-leaders-address-latest-mass-shooting


Summary B. No more being in denial about the things that are happens in the world. It is time to stand up for what is right no matter what religion, race, or gender you are.


Excerpt. “Accordingly, Baxter’s principal work is dominated by the continually repeated, often almost passionate preaching of hard,
continuous bodily or mental labour.18 It is due to a combination
of two different motives.19 Labor is, on the one hand, an
approved ascetic technique, as it always has been20 in the Western Church, in sharp contrast not only to the Orient but to
almost all monastic rules the world over.21 It is in particular the
specific defense against all those temptations which Puritanism
united under the name of the unclean life, whose role for it was
by no means small.”

– [Asceticism and The Spirit of Capitalism pg. 105]


Commentary. People often turn to religion preference because they tend to think it is the weakling link. The house of the Lord has been attacked more this year than ever. Why because people think that they will gain something by it.


(Principle #9)— Mental Illness]: [Principle in sentence form.]


Example Artifact A. “Multiple mass shootings by deranged young men have made keeping firearms out of the hands of mentally ill people a big part of the gun debate.

Given the enormity of those crimes, that is understandable. Federal law does, in fact, prohibit gun ownership by mentally ill people if a judge has found them to be dangerous or they have been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. President Obama has also initiated executive actions to ensure that federal background checks include complete information on people barred from owning guns for mental health reasons and to clarify that federal law allows health care providers to report patients’ credible threats of violence to the authorities.

”                                …/violent-drunk-and-holding-a-gun.htm


Summary A. Extra precautions are now being taken when it comes to purchasing a gun. President Obama initiated federal background checks for people who want to purchase a gun to stop people with mental illness and other substance abuse additions. But there is only so much the government can do.


Example Artifact B. “President Trump said Monday that better mental health — not gun control — is the key to the mass shooting that claimed at least 26 lives at a Texas church…mass-shootings-mental-health-plays…do…/836443001/


Summary B. People still think that the illness of a person is not the reason to why gun control is so out of hand in today’s society.


Excerpt. “The category “mental patient” itself will be understood in one strictly sociological sense. In this perspective, the psychiatric view of a person becornes  significant
only in so far as &is view itself alters his social fate-an
alteration which seems to heeorne fundamental in our
society when, and only when, the person is put through
the process of hospitalization.(2) I therefore exclude certain
neighboring categories the undiscovered candidates
who would be judged “sick ‘by psychiatric standards but
who never come to be viewed as such by themselves or
others,-although they may cause everyone a great deal
of trouble, the office patient whom a psychiatrist feels
(1)material on moral career can be found in early social
anthropological work on ceremonies of status transition, and
in classic social psychological descriptions of those spectacular
changes in one’s view of self that can accompany participation
in social movements and sects. Recently new  kinds of relevant data have been suggested by psychiatric interest in the problem of “identity” and sociological studies of work careers and “adult socialization.”

– [The Moral Career of the Mental Patient pg. 128]


Commentary. Psychiatrist think that mental ill patient can’t function in a normal sitting and should not be held accountable for their actions due to their illness which is correct in my eyes. But I do not think that it is just mental ill people that are committing all these crimes of mass shooting. To me this is just an escape route that the government and other people use to take the heat off the real person that is responsible for the issues that are at hand. Gun control is a problem and until we stop blaming the other person and fix the person there will always be more innocent victims at risk.


(Principle #10)— Political Affiliations: People with political power make a lot of decision that affect gun control.


Example Artifact A. “Gun control is a huge political issue right now (especially right after the mass shooting in Orlando). Democrats are all about infringing on Second Amendment rights.  They claim that Republicans and NRA members are mainly responsible for “gun violence” and are the reason why “common sense gun reform” laws need to be enacted. Like everyone else on TTAG, I had my doubts about their claims and decided to crunch some numbers to see which political party’s members commit more firearms murders.”…/firearms-related-homicides-democratic-vs-republican-


Summary A. Positions are always going to blame the other party. No one will never stand up and take full responsibility for anything when something bad happens like a mass shooting, but they play the biggest part in gun laws in the US today.


Example Artifact B. “The Republican presidential candidates were quick to offer sympathy but little else to the nation, to the grieving families and to the terrified town where the latest in American gun carnage took 10 lives on Thursday at an Oregon community college.

“We have to really get to the bottom of it,” Donald Trump, usually the most voluble candidate in offering quick-fix certainty about national challenges, told The Washington Post. “It’s so hard to even talk about these things.”

Now, as the presidential campaigns intensify, is precisely the time that he and the other candidates must talk about these things — about the horrendous toll the mass shootings have inflicted on the nation, with no end in sight. Like other Republican politicians, and many Democrats, too, Mr. Trump simplistically narrowed the topic of the gun massacre to “another mental health problem.…/the-political-ritual-after-mass-shootings.html


Summary B. It all boils down to someone saying that the reason for all the mass shooting is not because of gun control laws, but because of mental illness. But still no one has made any decisions on how to fix the problem at hand.


Excerpt. “Throughout the history, groups have used surplus in the attempt to grow. For most of them, the environment, physical and social, has put an end to the process before it went very far. A few have been more successful. Given an environment neither too use larger than the group have begun to appear. The challenge of the environment, to use Toynbee’s phrase, posted an internal challenge.


– [Groups and Civolution pg. 194]


Commentary. People have hide behind the political party for many years until a mass killing occurs. I still do not understand the government at times. They can see a problem and find everyway in the universe to avoid fixing the problem because of you they work for or what position the may hold.