Discrimination of Special Needs Students in Schools:

An Abstract Diagram/Ideal-Type of a Social Disease

Intro. The social disease that I investigated was discrimination against special needs students, which affects such life areas as equality.

Motivation for Project. My interest in this phenomenon comes from my strong advocacy for special needs.

OUTLINE. The primary symptoms of discrimination of special needs students are:

  • The discipline of special needs students
  • Lack of accommodations
  • Job opportunities


There are not as many accommodations for special needs in all aspects of life; Therefore, people tend to not have as much sympathy towards that group of people.  Most teachers are not prepared with how to handle special needs students.


The Micro-RPG

What is this game about? This game will help teachers learn how to discipline special needs students in a constructive way.

World Setting. In this world, it is very much like our present world. Special needs students go to school and interact with able students and teachers.

Current Situation. A disruptive child with special needs has just thrown a pencil across the room to started to scream.

Rules: How is the game played?

  1. The student rolls the die to determine the difficulty of the level.
  2. The teacher then rolls the die to see how well they will handle the situation.
  3. If The teacher rolls a number of equal or higher value of the difficulty they will discipline the disruptive child in a moral manner.
  4. If the teacher rolls a number less than the difficulty, she disciplines the child abusively and she then loses the game.
  5. The object of the game is to always roll a number equal to or higher than the difficulty level. In the end teachers will understand that there is a better way to discipline disruptive children.


An Investigation of the Symptoms of Discrimination of Special Needs Students


  1. How do you think the parents of special needs students feel about the way teachers are treating their children?
  2. Parents are infuriated. The way teachers are handling the students is wrong.

Excerpt. No wonder some parents have chosen to make secret recordings. In Ardmore City, Oklahoma, a school district is trying to get a court to throw out recordings that, according to a complaint, prove illegal and routine seclusion, while capturing teachers and staff making fun of a child’s disability. Over the last year, I’ve had other parents send me recordings or ask me about the legalities of trying to get evidence of suspected abuse. (I’ve told them to talk to a lawyer.)



  1. What are teachers doing when special needs children are acting out?
  2. Because most teachers do not know how to handle special needs students, they will call them out. This ultimately embarrasses the child.

Excerpt. But in those early days, Fair had no idea how to handle her students with disabilities, whose educational challenges ranged from learning deficits to behavioral disturbance disorders. Calling out a child with a behavioral disability in front of the class usually backfired and made the situation worse. They saw it as “an attack and a disrespect issue,” Fair said.



  1. What events in the past have helped with accommodations for special needs students in schools today?
  2. There was a case brought to the Supreme Court about a child needing her service dog at school. The school did not allow the service dog to be present, so the parents brought it to court. The case went through local court and they sided with the school. The parents then appealed the decision and made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The case ended in the parents favor.

Excerpt. On February 22, 2017 by a unanimous 8-0 decision, SCOTUS reversed the Court of Appeals decision and ruled in favor of the parents. The Court explained that “We hold that exhaustion is not necessary when the gravamen of the plaintiff’s suit is something other than the denial of the IDEA’s core guarantee – what the Act calls a ‘free appropriate public education.’”



  1. Are there cases where teachers are falsely accused of discriminating against a special needs student?
  2. Teachers are falsely accused all the time. If a student wants to get back at a teacher or is in trouble they will turn a situation around to hurt the teacher.

Excerpt. A poll by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) reveals that a quarter of school staff have been falsely accused by a pupil of wrongdoing – such as slapping them or inappropriate sexual conduct – while one in six has faced malicious allegations from a pupil’s family. Half of those questioned said there had been at least one false allegation in their current school.



  1. Are people forms groups in order to fight discrimination of special needs and to make the problem more known?
  2. Organizations such as Special Olympics work toward allowing special needs people to haave the same opportunities as able bodied people.

-Excerpt. Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Our athletes find joy, confidence and fulfillment — on the playing field and in life. They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential.



The Game’s Fiction

  • What is the game about? –

Roles. There are Two characters. The teacher and the disruptive student.

Core Activity. While the teacher is teaching class, the student throws a pencil across the room and begins to scream.

Adversity. The teacher is frustrated and may make quick irrational decisions.

Motivation. Special needs children don’t always have a long attention span and they get bored. When they are forced to do things they don’t want to, they act out.

Setting. The situation is occurring in the world.

The Game’s Non-Fiction

  • Rules/Mechanics. How is your game about its fiction? –…How do the players play the game?…

Existential Measures. When the teacher rolls the die she wants to achieve a higher number than the level of difficulty.