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Description of the Project

My idea is a movement. With the recent election of Donald Trump America has taken a turn for the worst. Displays of Bigotry are at an all-time high and people of minority groups do not feel safe. During BREXIT, citizens of Europe began wearing safety pins on their shirts so that people of minority groups would know that these people were safe to approach and ask for help. I wanted to bring that concept to America. A friend of mine, who is lesbian, was so scared after the election result. Being a young, white, straight, Christian female I had not one clue about what she was going through. I asked her how I could help. How could I make her feel better? She told me just to be there for her. So, we came up with a design and put them on t-shirts at first. It is a simple safety pin design with the rune symbol for safety for the “hole”. The safety pin in on the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt says “ALLY”. We have since started to put this symbol on hats, scarves, vinyl decals, and stickers. Our hope is that this message spreads and people will wear our symbol to accomplish the same thing that the safety pin did during BREXIT. We are hoping that this movement will help America find its empathy again as a nation and realize that bigotry in not the way to be. We also hope that this movement can help save lives and make minorities feel a little bit safer in this country.

We are trying to combat Bigotry.

One of the only way for Bigotry in America to be fixed is to prove that it is in fact there. So, my points that I bring up from the study guides and the examples I used with them are meant to prove that bigotry is still here and still a problem. The safety pin movement is meant to help combat this problem.

List of Ideas


#1 Sociological Idea: Patriarchy

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: This quote shows that Trump demonstrated Patriarchy and still won the presidency.  “This idea that it was a locker room talk and then trying to deflect it and blame ISIS, I thought, was absolutely ridiculous and also an indicator, as Kimberlé Crenshaw said earlier, of not just patriarchy, but white male patriarchy, because no one other than a privileged, resourced white male would get away with saying something like that. So I think it was appalling.”



#2 Sociological Idea: Impress Authority, Neglect Victim

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Minority groups are experiencing harassment based on the color of their skin. This is a quote from an article on democracy Now! “Last night, when I was around—we was patrolling the area of Times Square. We’ve seen and witnessed a group of young black teens being harassed by another group of white teens calling them the N-word and telling them that they need to go back to Africa, and if they want to go back to Africa, not to worry, that Trump sends them there free.”



#3 Sociological Idea: Us-vs.-Them Group Formation

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: With Trump as President, America is headed towards a more clear depiction of an us vs them society. I truly believe that is will be white, Christian males vs everyone else. This is a quote from an article that backs that up. “The most right-wing, reactionary zealots, which lead toward the arbitrary deployment of law, which is what neo-fascism is, but to reinforce corporate interest, big bank interest, and to keep track of those of us who are cast as other—peoples of color, women, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Mexicans and so forth and so on.”



#4 Sociological Idea: Blaming The Victim

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: When an authority figure blames the victim instead of acknowledging the real problem, they blame the victim. “Unfortunately, given the right-wing populist and authoritarian orientation of Trump, he uses that kind of anguish to scapegoat Mexicans, Muslims and others, rather than confront the most powerful.”



#5 Sociological Idea: Empathic Cues Vs Abstraction

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: When Donald Trump started a figurative war on Muslims, tensions rose and made it easier to blame Muslims for events with little evidence. Dehumanizing Muslims by make thema group and not individual people makes it easier to attack them legally. “A man named Dahir Adan is accused of knifing 10 people. After police arrested 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in Saturday’s bombings, concern has grown that the government may overreact with security measures and individuals may carry out hate crimes.”



#6 Sociological Idea: Deniable Victimization

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: This article shows numerical proof of an increase in bigotry since the election. “Hate crimes against Muslims in the United States shot up 67 percent in 2015 to their highest levels since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, per new FBI statistics. The report came at a time of heightened racial and religious tensions in the US following last week’s presidential election.”



#7 Sociological Idea: Heterosexism

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: While trump himself may not come right out and say that he is anti-gay his senior staff sure does. Here is some information about his vice president. “Early in his career, Pence advocated siphoning off government money for HIV treatment and instead putting it toward gay “conversion therapy.””




#8 Sociological Idea: Doing Gender

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: A member of Trumps Transition Policy team, “Klukowski has written articles for Breitbart News about the “homosexual agenda” and the “transgender agenda,” and coauthored an amicus brief to the Supreme Court urging the court not to expand Title IX protections to include gender identity.”



#9 Sociological Idea: Homophobia

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Here’s another article showin homophobia in trumps cabinet. “Trump also named Betsy DeVos — a billionaire Republican donor and anti-gay activist — as education secretary. DeVos’s family, which includes Blackwater founder Eric Prince, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-gay groups, including groups that advocate for “conversion therapy.””

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#10 Sociological Idea: Sexual Harassment

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The fact that Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women and still winning the presidency is proof that there are bigots in America. “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is facing increasing turmoil as House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republican lawmakers Monday he would no longer campaign for Trump following the release of the 2005 videotape showing Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women.”



How did you make it?


The symbol its self is handrawn but the products are made with a cricut machine which cuts heat transferable vinyl. This vinyl is then transfereed onto the shirts with a heat press.

Advice to Others


My advie to others would be to jump in whole heartedly and do your project about something you are passionate about.