I did my project on rape. In this picture I have two photos, one with a women showing a lot of skin the other one covered not showing hardly anything. So does this mean a women expressing herself through sexy clothing (the one in red) asking to be a rape victim? Everyone should be able too express themselves without being harmed as a cause.


Rape Culture: When we talk rape culture, we’re discussing something more implicit than that. We’re talking about cultural practices that excuse or otherwise tolerate sexual violence. URL:

Dominant-Aggressive Assumption: Women are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual assault and rape, while men are nearly always the perpetrators. National surveys in the United States estimate that one in six women has experienced an attempted or completed rape at some time. URL:

Blaming the Victim: Why do we blame the victim more then we blame the person that committed the crime. Exampled used in TED talk, John beat Mary. Mary was beaten by John. Mary was beat. Mary was beaten. Mary is a battered women. The focus is complete off of who did it. What was she wearing? Why was she flirting with him like that? Why did she have that many drinks? URL:

Doing Gender: Many times the men in these situations believe that if they do not have sex with a women then they are not considered a “man: in today’s world. In sociology and gender studies, “doing gender” is the idea that in Western culture, gender, rather than being an innate quality of individuals, is a psychologically ingrained social construct that actively surfaces in everyday human interaction. URL:

Sexual Harassment:  Sexual harassment generally falls under two categories: quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment. The majority of victims reporting instances of sexual harassment are women, and the vast majority of reported aggressors are men. URL:

Double Standard: Negatively imparting women more than men. Based on research women want too speak out on this topic more than men. 68% showed women are likely to get away with a sexual harassment charge than men. Men being able too sleep around because of social norm.

Power: Possession of control, authority, or influence over others. “Sexual power” means: the extent to which you can influence other people through your sexuality. (Rape does not qualify: while rape is exercise of power, rapists does not use their sexuality to compel their victims, but force or blackmail.) URL:

Virgen/ Puta Double-Bind: “Women shouldn’t dress like ‘sluts’ if they don’t want to be sexually assaulted,” said one ignorant Toronto Police officer. (Paraphrased of course). Just to be clear, Amber Rose did not start the SlutWalk, nor did she coin the phrase; however, she is bringing more awareness to this matter by educating the public. It all began back in 2011 in Toronto, when a police officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts. Often time men are awarded when they have multiple sex partners and women are shamed for having a lot of partners. Men are praised for losing their virginity very early on but women are considered fast or easy or even considered a whore. URL:

Spiral of Silence: “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” A quote said by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, if we do not speak out on this and educated people on the dangers of rape then it will continue to happen right under our nose. URL:

Impress Authority, Neglect Victim