I chose a Sunflower because they are tall, strong and they look up to the sun. The vase looks like it was broken but restored. The dying flower represents rejection and rape. The restored flower and vase represents Healing, Beauty and Restoration.

The 10 Theories and Relations to theories is:

  1. Double-Standard:Tony Porter said, “We as men are taught to have less value in women, to view them as property and the objects of men.”
  2. Rape Culture: “Ministry of Justice statistics estimate that 47 percent of accused rapists go unpunished and are release by the court without going to trial.”
  3. Dominant-Agressive Assumption: As Anita says in her film, “Harassment is not really about sex. It’s about Power, and abusing it.”
  4. Blaming the Victim: Ione Wells says, “You did not just attack me that night. I’m a daughter, I’m a friend, I’m a sister…all the people who formed these relations to me make up my community and you assaulted every single one of them.”
  5. Virgen/Puta Double Bind: “About one out of four girls who enter American Universities will be sexually assaulted before she graduates. Outside the University System, if they rape somebody they’ll be prosecuted, but when they get on a University campus they can rape with impunity. There’re not prosecuted.”
  6. Rape-Free Societies:”The RSA welcomes this guest blog by Aakash, a 19-year old man living in Utter Pradesh, India, and his take now how men particularly in his native country need to rethink how they view and treat women.”
  7. Sexual Harassment: “One UN study found that, on average men with gender discriminatory attitude were 42 percent more likely to abuse their partners.”
  8. Deniable Victimization: Rape Survivors who speak out about their assault experience are often punish for doing so when they are subjected to negative reactions from supporters.
  9. Impress Authority, Neglect Victim: Ruth Moore fought for 23 years with the VA before getting help after being raped by her supervisor in the Navy.
  10. Spiral of Silence: Martin Luther King said. “In the end, what will hurt the most is not the words of our enemies but silence of our friends.”