Description of the Project

“Closet Confidential is a Premiere Escort Service that provides heterosexual companions to homosexual people.

Our companions are extensively trained to accompany you to any function /event in order to keep your sexual identity in the “closet”.

We realize that everyone comes out publicly in their sexuality in their own time, but until you do let us help you keep your  sexual preferences a secret. “

So this is basically a satirical website  asking the question “is it ok to be openly gay?”


List of Ideas

#1. Deviants – gay people are considered social deviants because they do not fit society’s mold.

The whole reason for this company is to help gay people fit society’s mold.

(Oct 4 discussion)

#2. prejudice gay people experience prejudice everyday.

Again, this service is meant to conceal their gayness so that they can live socially without the repercussions.

(oct 4 discussion)

#3. Power- heterosexual people have power over homosexuals by setting rules for social interaction.

If power did not exist, then this company would not be a reality.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

#4 empowerment- homosexual people may feel empowered when using an escort.

By using our service, gays will “fit in” at events and not be shunned thus controlling how people see them.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

#5. Persuade- persuading other people of you “straightness” with our service.

By hiring an escort you are controlling people’s perception of you.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

#6 reward power- when our service is used, the consumer will be rewarded with acceptance.

the user is rewarded with social acceptance.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

#7. Networking- a wide variety of escorts to choose from to fit different events.

By having choices, the client will better fit in with the crowd of people at the event.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

#8. stereotype- the escorts all embody different stereotypes

The stereotypes we chose were meant to showcase different stereotypes tot he extreme.

(exprerience sociology pg 110-119)

#9. informational power- the escorts provide informational power.

The presence of the escort proves the clients “straightness”.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

#10. rational tactics- the escorts participates with the company and clients.

Money persuades the escorts to stay employed with the company.

(experience sociology pg 110-119)

How did you make it?

I used a website named


Advice to Others

Don’t go overboard and create an entire company when all you needed was the website.