My 10 Theoretical Ideas and Relations:

Theoretical Idea #1: Class Domination-
Those who have money, (well, those who have their own income-producing land and business), have the power.

Theoretical Idea #2: Social Stratification-
An article states that high income inequality helped early societies spread and that “unequal access to resources that comes with class stratification ultimately pushes societies to migrate, displacing more egalitarian cultures.

Theoretical Idea #3: Class Conflict-
This was shown throughout the presidential election. For example, Hillary Clinton promised that she would reduce income inequality and give “everyday people” more advantages. She favored high taxes on the wealthiest Americans and an increase in minimum wage and other programs to help the middle class and the poor.

Theoretical Idea #4: Wealth and Power Inequality-
“Donald Trump took the witness stand in his own defense in a federal court civil trial over the alleged fraud in his Trump University real estate seminar program”, (, and yet he was still allowed to run for president and even won.

Theoretical Idea #5: Drug Abuse and Crime-
A PBS documentary called “Rikers” is based on stories from men and women formerly housed in New York City’s most notorious jail. They speak out about abuse faced at Riker’s Island. Also, in another article, two Chicago cops who broke the “code of silence” are facing a deadly retaliation. They blew the whistle on a gang of their fellow co-workers who were demanding bribes from drug dealers in housing projects in Chicago)

Theoretical Idea #6: Social Control-
“Veterans helped Donald Trump win, but critics say he may dismantle their public medical care”; The exit polls show that Trump beat Clinton 2:1 amongst veterans, and a lot of people are worried that he will dismantle the VA system.

Theoretical Idea #7: Corporate Welfare-
A lot of people go into a frenzy at the thought of an unemployed person depending on government assistance, such as food stamps, but large companies can receive billions of dollars in government assistance and it’s no longer a problem. For example, Boeing receives $13 billion in government handouts.

Theoretical Idea #8: Power Elite-
Article on, explains how opportunities for women, African-Americans, Jews, Italians, Poles, Hispanics and members of many other groups have opened up, but trust in our elites have began to get lower.

Theoretical Idea #9: Political Socialization-
Family, peer groups, the educational system, and mass media all play a role in how people form their ideas about politics and gain political values. For example, the article “How Families Communicate Can Influence Our Political Identities”, found on, is about how politics is handled in households and how it can make an influence.

Theoretical Idea #10: Ideology-
Presidential campaigns should be about discussing issues and how they should be solved, but instead the media makes it about everything but what’s really important. For example, they discuss personalities, scandals, and anything that might make a candidate look bad.