Description of project:

I based my project on women and the rape culture I really loved this topic because I believe all women deserve to be treated with respect and me also believe they need justice, for someone in higher power to stand up for them especially the women in this world

Theoretical ideas:

#1 Sociological Idea: Rape Culture

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In Oakland, California, a third police chief has resigned in just over a week amid a massive scandal in which multiple Oakland police officers are facing allegations of statutory rape and human trafficking after allegedly having sex with an underage girl who was working as a sex worker. And now the civilians are now control of who they pick for the next police chief. This explains that rape can happen in any culture even your local police.



#2 Sociological Idea: Rape Free Societies

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: This one story told how campus police at Ohio’s universities handle reports of sexual assault. Parts of this series contain detailed descriptions of alleged sexual assaults. Several cases were closed because the victim didn’t want to press charges. One said she blamed herself for bringing home a guy she met on the social app Meet Me. Another said, “she feels she is not strong enough to face the scrutiny of going through the legal system over her sexual assault.” This goes to show and tells you that you can’t have a rape-free environment nor societies because for one the campus police doesn’t care as much as they should about these situations



#3 Sociological Idea: Dominant-Aggressive Assumption

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: in this particular video by Jackson Katts in the ted talk community, what the video states are Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called “women’s issues.”  And how some men be aggressive in the bedroom which is a form of rape.




#4 Sociological Idea: Blaming the victim

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: in this video by lone wells the victim of an assault in London, Wells published a letter to her attacker in a student newspaper that went viral and sparked the #Not Guilty campaign against sexual violence and victim-blaming. In this particular video, she states that bloggers and people on social media made it seem like she was making up the fact that she was raped and she wanted to make it up for social gain which was blaming the victim.




#5 Sociological Idea: Virgen/Puta Double-Bind

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: in this video, it explains what the word slut mean and why they have the slut walk for some women. Slut is a derogatory term that degrades women and a form of emotional abuse that’s used to maintain power over women, says Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre. What the slut walk mentioned in the interview states that the slutwalk was to empower women especially women with that’s dealing or dealt with sexual assault.




#6 Sociological Idea: Sexual Harassment

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: This talk begins with a personal story of sexual violence of a journalist from India Meera Vijayann where she was sexually assaulted where men in India still think that they are still superior to women. And women are raped daily in India and women in India want their rights towards rape allegations.





#7 Sociological Idea: Double Standard

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: How Stanford Sex Offender Brock Turner’s Mugshot Exposes a Double Standard in the Media. Turner was arrested January 18, 2015. Two bystanders saw him on top of an unconscious, intoxicated young women. Which brings that the media instead of posting his gruesome mug shot photo that grabbed a clean high school photo of him, so he wouldn’t fit the description of a rapist or criminal.




#8 Sociological Idea: Gender relations

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: from the video I looked on “men were considered responsible for taking care of the family financially. They took their jobs as sole providers very seriously. They also had the responsibility for guiding the family.” While the women were expected to be in charge of running the household. Mothers did the laundry, cooked the meals, and cleaned the rooms. They also took care of the children, giving them the care and attention that was required. Basically, men are the more dominant in the relationship then the women are.



#9 Sociological Idea: Gender-Hostage Acceptance

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: My perspective from the video is a “middle-class white man” trying to convince all (including men) that gender equality is necessary. He feels that at the home place and workplace that all genders should be treated equally. He explains how he thinks the acceptance of all genders will create more job opportunities for all.




#10 Sociological Idea: Attitudes towards rape

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: it gives an attitude that rape is a true problem in the world we live in today and this video can really explain why it is. The attitude towards rape is very careless to some men but not all.This video mentions a former NFL Quarterback now teaches young men a whole new set of attitudes about themselves and about their behavior towards women.



How did you make it?

basically, i got creative and drew in with a pencil and thought of things men say to women and how they degrade them as well.

Advice to Others:

start on your project ahead of time it really works and finds a topic that you will enjoy talking about and you just fine and comfortable just like I was.