What it Means to be a Woman….

#1 Sociological Idea: Sexual Harassment

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: This article showed the statistics (6 out of 10) woman in National Guard and Reserves said they were sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, the study says that less than a quarter of the woman actually reported their sexual misconducts and many who did were encouraged to drop their complaint. Nearly half of the woman who responded to the study said the sexual assaults happened while on duty.

URL: https://www.democracynow.org/2005/9/30/headlines/six_in_ten_women_in_natl_guard_are_sexually_harrased_assaulted



#2 Sociological Idea: Doing Gender

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: This article discusses a new teaching strategy that is being enacted in Florida School Districts, where boys and girls are being separated in their kindergarten classes so male students can focus on hands on learning and competition between peers, while female students are having classes that focus on their strength of trust and building a relationship with the teacher. This leads me to believe that there are social standards put on young boys and girls, and to have it within a learning platform further teaches our next generation that there is a separation between sexes. Teaching each child that they most “do a gender” to be accepted by the world socially.

URL: https://www.aclu.org/blog/busy-boys-little-ladies-wait-what-decade-are-we-again



#3 Sociological Idea: 3rd World Worker + 2nd Class Woman = Cheapest Labor

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: In this broadcast, Sarah Mukasa, who is an African woman who created a development organization for African Women, talks about the struggles of woman who live in 3rd world countries, and also deal with 2nd class positions under men. This specifically went into how woman are taken advantage of when it comes to factory work and sweatshop manufacturing. Not only do they deal with the fact that they live in extremely impoverished communities, but also deal with being second class to the men of their community, making them an extreme target for labor abuse.

URL: https://www.democracynow.org/2001/9/10/women_racism_and_globalization



#4 Sociological Idea: Anti-Maternal Employment

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: This article was about a German court case where a woman actually won her anti-discrimination case and was rewarded with an extremely disappointing $11,000-dollar equivalent. Which only equals about 3 months of her normal salary. She received a demotion after informing her managers that she was pregnant. After returning from her maternity leave she had been assigned to a less lucrative job position, as well as finding out that the replacement for her previous position, a man, was provided with both an office and secretary, both of these things she had requested prior to becoming pregnant, but never received either.

URL: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/the-price-of-discrimination-low-award-in-landmark-german-sexism-case-a-597513.html



#5 Sociological Idea: Threatened 3rd World Woman

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: This article was a reaction report from woman who worked in a Bangladesh Factory that caught on fire and had basically no means of escape. (no work fire extinguisher, no access to stairs, and no windows that were able to be opened) Although some woman were able to escape most were not. Walmart tags were found amongst the burnt debris.

URL: https://www.democracynow.org/2012/11/27/bangladeshi_labor_activist_finds_burned_clothes



#6 Sociological Idea: Structurally Adjusted Woman

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: Nike came under fire after it was found out that they were exploiting children and women in their factories. Then they came out with television commercial showing women saying they will be stronger, healthier and more independent if they are allowed to play sports and wear Nike products. Coalition of women’s groups said that the ad reaches a new level of hypocrisy, since Nike employs women in its Asian factories at low pay under poor conditions.

URL: https://www.democracynow.org/1997/10/28/nike_and_women_a_hypocrisy


#7 Sociological Idea: Power Makes Culture

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: This article gives background to a monumental moment that was exposed during Donald Trump’s campaign. He was caught on tape admitting that he had sexually violated many women with forceful handling and kisses. Going even further to say that he was able to “grab [women] by the pussy.” Donald Trump later becoming president furthered the idea that if a man can be caught on camera talking about his pride in the sexual harassment and/or assaults that he had done, this causes rape culture to spread and rise. If our future president thinks that’s okay, then many other people will too.

URL: https://www.democracynow.org/2016/10/10/in_shocking_tape_trump_boasts_of



#8 Sociological Idea: Supernatural Women Fear

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: This article reveals a mother’s reason for getting fired. She had been following a routine of pumping her breast milk out while at work, she had a teacher step in to watch the last 10 minutes of the end of one of her classes and the first 10 minutes of the start of one of her classes. This had been fine but then one day her boss approached her and let her know that this could no longer happen, when she told him that she had to continuously pump her breast throughout the day to keep a milk supply for her baby he suggested that she should switch to formula. She disagreed to this and was later fired.

URL: https://www.aclu.org/blog/want-breastfeed-your-baby-youre-fired



#9 Sociological Idea: Childgirl Property Protection

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: After a case of sexting had gone around a high school (two different pictures of teenage girls wearing a towel in one pic and the other was showing her boobs, no genitals at all), nineteen families were contacted by the local sheriff, he gave out a notice that each teenager would be charged with holding child pornography, and a potential for 10 years in prison UNLESS they followed a strict plan where he was able to lecture them for a total amount of 16 hours alongside random drug testing. His lectures were along the lines of what young girls should be in this day in age and how they should dress and present themselves publically.

URL: https://www.aclu.org/blog/speakeasy/sexting-and-what-it-means-be-girl




#10 Sociological Idea: Imposed Humility

Related Aspect of the Phenomenon: Khadija Gbla was a victim of female genital mutilation, she was held down by her own mother and in later years was told that it was done for her own empowerment, and that she would be a better person because of it. (a person who did not touch themselves or have the ability to get horny or aroused without a clitoris). She reflected on how her mother and generations above looked down of female sexuality and thought the female genitals was considered dirty and unworthy of pleasure. She had her sexuality humidified at an early age by other men and women.


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