img_8958#1 Socialogical Idea: Double Standard

The Santa Barbara shooting brought a huge reaction online. A 22 year old man killed six college students after posting a video online that he is taking revenge on women for sexually rejecting him. People made a hashtag #YesAllWomen talking about violence against women and the way women are viewed sexually. People also said that women bring violence upon themselves by their attitudes or their appearance. Women were speaking out about nothing and appearance, and school dress codes. Especially that dress codes are discriminatory toward women and girls. Some said that some of the rules that dictate what students can wear unfairly forced girls to cover up while making few, if any, restrictions for boys.

#2 Socialogical Idea: Rape Culture

Brock Turner only serving half of his six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman is still referred to as a “former Stanford student and star swimmer.” Many of the media have been criticized by readers for failing to identify Turner as someone who had committed sexual assault. They referred to him as a swimmer and didn’t say that he had committed a sexual assault until the third line of the story. Why does the media care so much that he was a good swimmer and not that he just sexually assaulted a woman? It is said that Turner will not be returning to Stanford, and he has been banned for life by USA Swimming. He will have to register as a sex offender.

#3 Socialogical Idea: Blaming the Victim

In Germany it wasn’t considered rape if somebody said no. Before charges could be filed the victim had to show police and prosecutors that he or she tried to physically resist the attacker. If a victim said no that was not enough. A woman accused two men of drugging and raping her in 2012. She realized that there was a video of the encounter that the men has uploaded to the internet. She told police she blacked out after someone spiked her drink and couldn’t recall that attack. You can see in the video where she is saying “Stop it.” Germany had many campaigns saying “No Means No” resulting in them changing the law.

#4 Socialogical Idea: Virgen/ Puta Double-Bind

If a women is a virgin she gets called names like prude. People will ask “are you waiting till you get married?” and half the time it’s not the case. It’s just that maybe she doesn’t want to yet. Maybe she isn’t ready. If a woman has sex with multiple people she gets called a whore or a slut. Whereas when guys have sex with multiple people nobody cares.

#5 Socialogical Idea: Rape Free Societies

A California Bill will require college students to obtain an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decisions by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual encounter. The bill is already approved by California’s Senate. It is a response to escalating concerns about rape culture on college campuses. The proposal would shift the burden of proof in campus sexual assault cases in which the accused cites consent as the defense to the accused, rather than those making the allegations.

#6 Socialogical Idea: Sexual Harassment

The frequency of a workplace sexual assault is hard for people to accurately quantify. Rape prevention advocates say the prevalence varies by industry; low-wage workers are especially at risk. 15 McDonald workers around the country filed harassment charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week. The issue is not confined to just one restaurant chain. Many hospitality workers face this kind of harassment. They are wanting to make a proposal that would require employers to ban guests who have sexually harassed an employee. They also would require employers to provide panic buttons to any employee who works alone in rooms.

#7 Sociological Idea: Patriarchy

Men hold power in all the important institutions of society and that women are deprived of access to such power. It does not apply that women are either totally powerless to totally deprived of rights, influences and resources. Men are trained to seek control and pursue conquest in order to feel like a man, and how that control is routinely sexualized.

#8 Socialogical Idea: Doing Gender

Fender roles and social expectations require women to be “virginal” and “pure.” Women who do not conform, for example, those who dress seductively, are deemed to have provoked the sexual assault, also enforcement of these gender norms. Rape has been used historically for the subjugation of women and as a means of ensuring that women conform to the behavior patterns required by the community.

#9 Socialogical Idea: Power

Studies show that having friends who support violence against women is a big risk factor for committing sexual assault. Having male friends who object to violence against women can be powerful antidote to rape on college campuses. They had a survey asking guys if they have ever had sex with an adult when they didn’t want to because they used physical force. About 6% of the total had raped women they knew. Two-Thirds of the men were serial rapists, who had done this on an average basis. Men who rape seek a sense of power, but men also use their power to get sex from women, sometimes under conditions that are not legally defined as rape but involve varying levels of control.

#10 Socialogical Idea: Dominant- Aggressive Assumption

With the current understanding of sexual assault as an act of violence, theorists also came to understand sexual assault as a manifestations of and means for ensuring female subordination. Rape is a result of long-held traditions of male dominance. The male dominance is reinforced by prostitution and pornography, in which women are degraded and treated in subservient ways. Rape is the male response to social inequality between men and women.