The photo represent the girl dressed “slutty” but the truth is we don’t know her identity; therefore, we shouldn’t judge her. That’s why the face is blank.

I did my project on rape culture.

Here’s my ten ideas

1. Rape Culture-  A set of values and beliefs that persuade an environment to rape.. Such as College Fraternities. I found a story about a girl being raped at a college party on

2. Double standard- many people only think women get raped but men do as well.  I found a story on of a man getting raped

3. Dominant- Aggressive Assumption- Rape culture is based on the assumption that men are aggressive and women are passive aggressive.  I found a video on democracy now about a girl who was beaten and rape.

4.Blaming the victim- A lot of times the person accused will blame the victim.  Claiming that they wanted it. I found a video on where a judge actually blamed the victim for not keeping her knees shut.

5. Sex with minors- even if the minor wants it, it is still rape.  I found a video on where multiple Oakland police officers were sleeping with a minor.

6. Rap and hip hop influence on rape culture- rap often talks about sex, drugs, and alcohol. A lot of things that lead to rape and I found an article on CNN where Rick Ross talks about drugging a girl and basically taking her.

7. Sexual harassment- unwanted sex remarks or comments in a social setting or work place.  I found a video on CNN where an employee on fox new was charged with sexual harassment and had to quit his job.

8. Slut shaming- men looking down upon women for the things they wear.  I found a video on CNN where amber rose spoke out against slut shaming at the VMAs

9.Sexy clothes don’t excuse rape- a lot of time people will say, “she wants it.” Because of what the girl is wearing.  We shouldn’t do that and there has been many cases where people claimed that “she wanted it” because of the victims outfit.

10. Sex slavery- sex slavery is real. People buying women and paying Prostitues.

I found a video of an Indian girl on Democracy now who was brought into sex slavery.

-Tyler dyess