Problem or Situation Addressed

For this project, I decided to talk about the issues that surround the Gypsy culture. By problems surrounding the culture I mean the problems they face because of the way they chose to live and the unacceptance our society has been towards them and their beliefs.

Theoretical Ideas

Outsiders, Presentation of Self, Social Control, Looking Glass Self, Power & Class, The Promise, Social Normality

Theory-to-Project Relation 

The Outsider theory related to my project in two ways: 1) because of the way the Romani people chose to live, they were not accepted by many societies and were considered to be “deviants”; 2) even after the sub-culture was somewhat accepted through the Hollywood version, there has been more people accepting some things from the culture but not accepting the culture or the people.

Presentation of Self related to the project because in relation to the theory of presenting yourself in a manner in which you think other people will want to see you, the Gypsy people must present themselves to the society outside of theirs in a way that is accepted by that society. Also, they must present themselves to the Romani culture the way the society wants them to be.

Social Control relates to this project because the people outside of the culture would make up things about the Romani people to make it so that other people would not be so accepting of them thus, controling the way the society interacted with those people. When the television shows came out about the Gypsy people, the shows only showed what would get the most ratings not what was the most true to the people, which is controling the sociological thinking of this group as well.

Looking Glass Self contributes to the discussion of the Gypsy culture because the Romani people have a complexity of trying to be who they think their society wants them to be, who they think our society wants them to be, who they think their friends want them to be, who they think their family wants them to be, and try to be who they think they really are.

Power and Class is related through the idea that because of the chosen lifestyle they suffer with high poverty and illiteracy within the culture, which makes it more difficult for them to have power and class according to our society’s standards.

The Promise is more of a complex bewilderment of whether or not the fact that both societies are intertwined, if the contribution made by the Gypsy people is exactly that in which society wants them to contribute or if they’re just the exception to the rule of the contribution.

Social Normality in concerns to this, is that the social norm we have is not the same as those who follow the gypsy culture but we try to help make it more normal by making shows about certain aspects of the life.

How Did You Make It? 

For this project I wanted to really show the innocence of the people and so for this I chose to find a picture displaying that. I wanted to take a more artist approach to this and make the words I said really sit with people while they looked at the innocence of it all.

Advise to Others

My advice is don’t get pregnant in the middle of your semester, it really makes your grades suffer. GO TO CLASS!! READ THE ARTICLES!! PAY ATTENTION!!! Honestly, it’s not a hard class just do your work and you’ll be fine! Mr. D is awesome so you just have to love him and his class.