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Description of the Project

Their are many different forms of slavery in America today that is not seen be the public. The most common forms are sex slaver, forced labor, trafficking, and child labor.

List of Ideas

#1 Sociological Idea:  Global Poverty

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In many poor countries families will give their children as domestic help to wealthier acquaintances or family members. Their are also poor children in towns of Haiti taken to be sold or trafficked to the U.S. The poverty level in these countries makes it simple for things like this to happen.  


#2 Sociological Idea:Domination

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon:In the article “The Slave Next Door”, it uncovers slaves in agriculture in South Florida that are brought over to the U.S. and forced to work in the fields. They are often held at gunpoint picking tomatoes and oranges. They are also brutalized for trying to escape.    


#3 Sociological Idea: Dependency Theory

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In the country of Moldova, which is the poorest country in Europe, thousands of young women are lured in to Amsterdam for a “better life”. These women depended on the opportunity for a way out of poverty. Once they arrived, they quickly realized their circumstances had not improved, and were forced into prostitution.


#4 Sociological Idea: War of Positions

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In this Ted talk were are told that boys were abducted and forced to dance for powerful war lords and put to work as sex slaves in Afghanistan. This situation shows how ones position allows them to do things that are completely wrong. The young boys who are abducted fight for this same position but fail due to their economic status and lack of opportunity.  


#5 Sociological Idea: Blaming the Victim

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Many victims of sex slavery are blamed for being put into the business when they are convinced to come into the country for better opportunities. We just label these women as prostitutes that had a choice.   


#6 Sociological Idea: Spiral of Silence

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Victims of forced prostitution usually remain silent, because they are afraid of being convicted and imprisoned for prostitution.


#7 Sociological Idea: Ideology

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In Amsterdam and many other European countries, they legalized prostitution. This has made it easier for forced prostitution to be overlooked and even seen as “okay” in their culture. The legalization gave the people of Amsterdam the idea that prostitution had become safe and regulated when it was not.


#8 Sociological Idea: Double Standard

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In the article “Food Chain Slaves” Aloun Farms in Hawaii was charged with illegal forced labor. Their foreign employees were brought over from Thailand and forced to work and live in terrible conditions. The charges were dropped on illegal technicality. This shows how such laws don’t apply to the wealthy business owners, and they get away with cruel treatment of their workers.    


#9 Sociological Idea: Double Bind

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Many foreigners were brought into the country as “guest workers”, they payed a large amount of money passports and visas. When they arrived they were paid cheap wages, and worked like slaves. The choice they had was terrible both ways, either stay in slavery, or go back to their home countries to poor conditions and debt from them paying to get here. They were trapped in the system either way.  


#10 Sociological Idea: Vicious Circle

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Most victims of sex slavery that escape their pimps try to receive help but end up being charged with prostitution. When they are released they will have no choice but to go back to dangerous prostitution because it is the only thing they are able to do. No one will hire a convicted felon and most of them can’t speak English which makes it difficult for them to communicate and receive in the country. The cycle repeats itself over and over again they will be charged and released and go straight back to unwanted prostitution.   


How did I make it?

As I was doing my research for the project I came across very interesting information on cases of slavery in America, as well as Amsterdam. The pictures are each from these cases. The picture of the young man working in a field is forced labor that happening in South Florida. The picture of the women are sex slaves in the Red Light district of Amsterdam. The picture of the young boy is being forced to work for the famous company Nestle which produces chocolate for thousands of people in America. I then added a slogan to each that makes people realize the things that go on that are not always seen.

Advice to others

My only advice would be, choose a topic that interests you and is something you would like to learn more about.