Description of the Project

I am addressing the issue of how global poverty benefits the wealthy. My project is a map of Africa with a projection of it’s main resources. It makes one question how such a resource rich country is so poor.

List of Ideas

#1 Affordable Western goods (Eglitis 2010:418-419)
Related Aspect of Phenomenon- Nike employees are working for excessive hours for a small pittance, sometimes in highly toxic environments and sometimes children are working for them.

#2 Increased Profit Margins (Eglitis 2010:419-420)
Related Aspect of Phenomena- Victoria’s Secret has slave-like employees. They are given food, shelter, and work, but are paid a ridiculously low price and are forced to work around 100 hours a week.

#3 Access to Foreign Resources (Eglitis 2010:420-421)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- The war with Iraq was highly motivated by oil, not just national security. The people who benefitted the most from the war were the elite wealthy oil men who financed Bush’s campaign.

#4 Western Medical Advances (Eglitis 2010:421)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- Pharmaceutical giant “Pfizer” uses unapproved medicine on children with brain infections in Nigeria.

#5 Brain Drain (Eglitis 2010:422)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- When developing countries lose high intellectual individuals, they are also losing all of the money those individuals will generate. Some of the highest rates of brain drain occur in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

#6 Foreign Garbage Dump (Eglitis 2010:423-424)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- Many American companies ship off their electronic waste in order to avoid the costs of having it processed and recycled.

#7 Pacification of the Western Proletariat (Eglitis 2010:422-423)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- Outsourcing allows consumers to pay cheaper prices, but this comes at the cost of losing many American jobs.

#8 Feel-Good Foreign Charities (Eglitis 2010:425-426)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- Kids Wish Network raises money in the names of dying kids who only wind up with 3 cents out of every dollar.

#9 Westward-Flowing Massive Resources (Eglitis 2010:426)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- Americans constitute 5 percent of the world population, but we use about 24 percent of the world’s energy.

#10 Scapegoating Poor Countries (Eglitis 2010:427-428)
Related Aspect of the Phenomenon- Foreign countries take millions of American jobs due to workers being compensated with such a low wage, but these workers also allow Americans to buy goods for a fraction of what they should cost.

How did you make it?

I bough the super glue, crayons, burlap canvas, and rocks at Hobby lobby.

  1. Google “outline of Africa”
  2. Cut out the outline of Africa
  3. Use the outline to draw the outline of Africa with a black crayon onto a burlap canvas (I bought from Hobby Lobby)
  4. Place crystals along the bottom section of Africa and attach them to the canvas using super glue
  5. Use black crayon to draw the three oil wells along the top of Africa
  6. Use a green crayon to draw the oasis’s of Africa (mostly in the middle)
  7. Use a blue crayon to draw the seas and rivers inside and outside of Africa
    I just chose the outline that looked like it would be easiest to draw.

Advice to Others

If you would like to do a project like this, I recommend that you take it a step even farther and make the map three dimensional (toy trees, kinetic sand, and real water).