My project is 2 perfect barbies, a male and a female, and the male is being praised for being perfect and strong, while the female is being bashed and belittled for showing too much and being “too sexy”.

#1 Sociological Idea: Doing Gender

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Valley Charter High School in Modesto, California decided to segregate the school based on gender because the girls couldn’t follow the dress code adequately enough. The boys were going to get internships and college credit but the girls would not be allowed until they could fix their dress code.



#2 Sociological Idea: Gender-Hostage Acceptance

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The Suffolk County School Board attempted to create a dress code policy that restricted students from wearing any clothes outside of their gender. They claimed they were trying to prevent harassment of students. They realized that this goes against the federal law preventing discrimination based on sex and they cannot punish students for going against stereotypes. The school was trying to restrict what the students wore and try to keep them in their natural gender roles.



#3 Sociological Idea: Heterosexism

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Penn State was sponsoring feminist programs such as Cuntfest and Sex Faire that were promoting safe sex and consensual sex in a fun and positive way. Congressmen shut these events down because they were “offensive”



#4 Sociological Idea: Sexual Harassment:

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: What puts us girls in such a place that we think it’s ok?

When that harassing goes to another level

When that harassing turns to assault? This is part of a poem about a girl who always wanted to be a cool kid, but never was. She realized later that what she thought was cool was guys catcalling and harassing women. She never realized how lucky she was to not be cool.



#5 Sociological Idea: Double-Standard

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Black woman gave birth at a hospital and as soon as she delivered the baby was tested for drugs and the mom was put into a crowded room of other mothers and babies. Hospital staff were surprised when the father walked into the room because they assumed there was no father present. This is a double standard among women because white women would never be treated this way and have these assumptions made about them.



#6 Sociological Idea: Dominant-Aggressive Assumption

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: A soccer team of 7 year old boys lost their game and 2 cried. 1 cried because he was the team captain and let his team down. The other cried because of a small injury. The first boy was praised and his father looked proud of him. the second boy got scolded and whisked away. Society doesn’t think boys should cry, but if they do, it should only be for the right reasons.



#7 Sociological Idea: Virgen/Puta Double-Bind

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: There is a story of a young girl from a Catholic school that was raped her senior year of high school. She never told anyone but soon realized she was pregnant. She was then called a whore for getting pregnant. She had no one to go to and no one would provide her with any resources.



#8 Sociological Idea: 3rd World Worker + 2nd Class Woman = Cheapest Labor

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: According to American Bar Association, women are less likely to be the lead lawyer on a case, and only 36% of lawyers are female.



#9 Sociological Idea: Anti-Maternal Employment

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Calthorpe Project is trying to reverse this by providing a space for parents to go and learn a new trade while also having babysitters right next door. They are offered trainings and classes to help them develop their craft.



#10 Sociological Idea: Threatened 3rd World Woman

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Walmart was facing a law suit because it had no program to ensure that people in similar positions were being paid equally thus causing women to be paid far less than men. Also, they didn’t promote women to manager positions.



I would tell other students to find something they are passionate about and really delve in deep on the opposing sides and look at it with an open mind.