img_0283My visual is just a symbol of some different fraternities to represent the project.

Theoretical Ideas and related aspects

1. Fraternities have an abusive attitude towards women within a general culture where there is tafitional gender scripts.

– Men are viewed as initiators of sex and women are typically passive partners

2. Men who are sexually active apear as studs, while women who are sexually active are considered sluts

– These views are embodied as rape myths and stereotypes, they typically go off of “she really wanted it.”

3.  Fraternities put off a rape culture and setting

– a lot of alcohol, drug use, and big parties

4. Rape has a social basis

– Fraternities tend to be more dangerous in rape culture vs bars

5. Fraternities are either a high rid house or low did house when it comes to rape.

– typically the fraternities with more parties and athletes are high ris rape houses.

6. Low risk house parties are safer the high risk

-studies show the low risk fraternities members are more nice and respectful

7. The bar atmosphere tends to be different than when fraternities throw parties at their house

– Fraternity members at a bar tend to be more respectful because the atmosphere is better.

8. Multiple people attend high risk house parties, low risk house parties, and nights out at the bar, and their attitude tends to change at different places.

– attitude changes due to the influences around you

9. Fraternities set off a bad environment for male and female relationships.

– the “hook up” scene is big in the frat society which make relationships almost impossible

10. Fraternities dominate campus life

– At parties it’s their house, their alcohol, and their food which gives them more power over everyone else.