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Description of project


My project topic was drug abuse. I personally know lots of people with drug problems. It wasn’t that hard to find stuff on the ted talks and the other websites. It took me a long time to finish but I learned a lot of new things. I combined Robert Frost and Shakespeare for my final project to show the paths of choice.



List of Ideas



#1  Patient-Objectification

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Brock Obama granted clemency to 46 prisoners, including 14 who faced life without parole. He is expected to call for more fairness in the criminal justice system. These drug offenders and abusers are called to have “Another Chance at Life” instead of being treated like an object.



#2 Demedicalization/Societization of Deviance

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: People are being arrested for 0.001 ounces of heroin. Some arrested for just drug paraphernalia. The black community is mainly targeted. They are calling for the decimalization of all drugs. People who use drugs and abuse should be offered helped instead of being thrown in jail for it.



#3 Medicalization of Deviance

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In 2012, Denver, Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Now 23 states legalized marijuana for the same use. A deviant behavior once viewed as a criminal behavior and now is viewed as a medical problem.



#4 Sociological Idea: Vicious Circle

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In the U.S we tend to throw drug users and abusers in jail for their crimes. And people who are immigrants face immediate deportation. Then when they get out of jail they go use and abuse the drugs more. Instead of continuing this, the prisons justice system should help them.



#5 Socially Produced Psyche

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: During the Vietnam war 20% of soldiers used heroin. They thought there would be lots of junkies on the streets. They followed these soldiers home, with a detailed study. The study showed they didn’t go to rehab, or suffer from withdraws. 95% of them just stopped. The drug abuse and addiction is due to the environment and we bond with something like drugs to escape it.



#6 ‘Schizophrenic’ (& Drug) Strategy

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Also during the Vietnam war the men abused drugs to escape the traumatic situations of the war. This time has marked many bad experiences in the war. They are like the rats in the cage with the drugs.



#7 Degradation Ceremonial

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Women in Arizona where arrested for drug abuse and where made to wear t-shirts saying “I was an addict”. The jail made sure everyone knew what they did. They may have once been seen as that good person but after being placed as the outsider and put to shame.



#8 Stigma as Death Camp Singularity

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The URL talks about the country’s most celebrated jazz singer, Billie Holiday. She was a heroin user/abuser. She is often stigmatized by the people as an addict. The drug abuser side of her is looked as the inferior group and as the influential person she is seen as the superior group.



#9 Maladaptive Fallacy

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: In this video the inmate had a mental illness he had to take medication for. The other inmates heard him screaming for his medication. He died after a fight with an inmate because of a mental health issue. The environment needs the treatment, because if he had his medicine and wasn’t in prison for stealing a tv he wouldn’t have died. This is common in drug abusers and mental illnesses.




#10 Rape Culture

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: At Stanford University there were 5 .




How did you make it?


I used a poster board, markers, crayons, and my artistic skills to draw the pictures on the poster. Influenced by the ideas of Robert Frost and Shakespeare.


Advice to Others?


Give yourself plenty of time to work on the project. Watch lots of videos. Have fun with it.