Description of the Project

I did my project on ableism. That means to have discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. I compared what it is like living in a mental institution and prison because they have been known to have some similarities.

List of Ideas

1.Illegitement power relies on force to generate abidance

2.rational legal authority-based on  established laws, rules, and procedures

3.agents of socialization-people or groups who teach us about our culture

4.occupational socialization- the process of learning the informal norms associated with a type of employment

5.life-course perspective- looks at how age, time, and place shape social identities and experiences over a lifetime

6.nature v nuture- nurture is how cultural and social environments shape behavior

7.discrimination- treating others unequally based on their background

8.hard and soft power tactics-either forceful,direct ,or harsh or focuses on relationships

9.class- group of people who share a roughly similar economic position and lifestyle

10.resocialization-process of replacing old norms and behaviors with new ones

How did you make it?

I made a poster with printed pictures from online. One side illustrates what it is like living with a mental disorder. The other side is similarities between living in a prison and mental institution.

Advice to Others

My advice is do not wait until the last minute to start the project and ask questions!