Description of the Project

My project is named Rape Culture. My visual represents men saying provocative things to women, and the woman has a tape across her mouth with the words silence on it to represent silencing the victims.

List of Ideas

Sociological Idea 1- Blaming the Victim:

Sociological Idea 2- Double-Standard

Sociological Idea 3- Rape Culture

Sociological Idea 4- Dominent-Aggressive Assumption

Sociological Idea 5- Virgen/Puta Double-Bind

Sociological Idea 6- Rape-Free Societies

Sociological Idea 7- Sexual Harassment

Sociological Idea 8- Power Makes Culture


How did you make it?

My idea for my visual came about after listening to come comedians make jokes about women and rape. I also saw a picture of a woman with tape over her mouth to silence her by her rapist. So I decided to show both things in my visual.

Advice to Others

My advice for others on your projects and readings is to ask the teacher or your classmates on advice on the readings and advice on project ideas. Also good advice is to read the readings multiple times to try and get a full understanding of them.