Description of the project: I did my project on rape and I gave facts about what rape is what other types of harassment can fall under rape. I also gave facts of when rape could happen.

List of ideas:

·         Rape Culture- “is a set of values and beliefs that provide an environment conducive to rape…” (Boswell and Spade 2010:289).

·         Double-Standard- “sexually active men are positively reinforced by being referred to as “studs”, whereas women who are sexually active or report enjoying sex are labeled as “sluts”… (Boswell and Spade 2101:290).

·         Dominant-Aggressive Assumption- “rape culture is based on the assumptions that men are aggressive and dominant whereas women are passive and acquiescent”.. (Boswell and Spade 2010:289).

·         Sexual harassment- “unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal or physical harassment of sexual nature”.. (Hoynes and Croteau 2013:313).

·         Blaming the victim- occurs whenever a minority group is held responsible for their oppression- this practice takes the place of holding the majority groups and oppressive social institutions accountable for the oppression of minorities.

·         Virgen/Double-Bind- fact that women are called “whore” or “slut” for the same promiscuous acts as men is not just part of double standards: promiscuous as men, the double standard is invoked but if they are celibate and a virgin, then they are called another name like “prude.” Which is designed to punish woman for not letting men exploit her body for pleasure or proving their manhood (Anzaldua 1987:31)

·        Sexual assault- wide range of unwanted behaviors- that are attempted or completed against a victim’s will or when a victim cannot consent because of age, disability or influence of alcohol/drugs. May involve actual or threatened physical force

·        About 85 to 95% of sexual assaults reported by college women are perpetrated by someone they know, about half of them occur on dates.

·        Freshman or sophomore status, the first two years of college are the highest risk year, first few months highest time of the year. More occur on weekends between midnight and 6 a.m.

·         Certain actions reduce the risk of the rape, more than 80% compared to nonresistance. Most effective actions are running away, verbally warning or struggling against the attacker.

How did I make my project: I just used poster broad and wrote out the word RAPE and cut it out. Then used red, blue, purple, and black paint to show the blood and bruises they can leave behind.