Description of this Project:

Brings attention to flaws in the prison system.

List of Ideas:

1: The ultimate and no doubt, the oldest means of social control is physical violence.

Ex: Overcrowding causing violence- when a lot of people in one overcrowded place violence tends to break out. The bureau of justice statistics indicated that federal bureau of prisons and nineteen states are over capacitated.

2: It has been discovered that in group discussions gong on over a period of tie individuals modify their originally held opinions to conform to the group norm.

Ex: Zimbardo- Stanford prison experiment within a very short time the college students were setting into their new roles as prisoners and guards. They then started to act like real criminals doing unseen things that typically goes on in a prison.

3: Poverty has many negative functions and/or dysfunctions must for the poor themselves.

Ex: We send large numbers of people with low levels of education and law skills to prison and then when they leave just as penniless as they were when they went in.

4: Stigmatizing people as underserving. Labelers protect themselves from the responsibility of moving to associate with them, or even to think of them as equals.

Ex: Many ex convicts are declared unemployed in similar fashion and some become recidivists because they have no other choice but to go back to their criminal occupants.

5: Many ex convicts are declared unemployed in similar fashion and some become recidivists because they have  no other choice but to go back to their criminal occupants.

Ex: A recent survey by the Ella Baker center for Delete repeated word rights found that 76% of former inmates said finding work after being released was difficult or nearly impossible. Nearly two thirds of the responds were unemployed or underemployed five years after release.

6: The poor are more likely than the wealthy to be arrested charged and convicted of crimes, and among individuals who are convicted the poor are more than likely than the  affluent to be  sentenced to prison and receive long sentences.

Ex: Classism- when someone is treated differently because of their class.

7: Both independent  and government data gathers are more wiling to delete repeated word up to America’s racism than to it class bias.

Ex: Class bias- 91% of all Americans have violated laws that could have subjected the to a term of imprisonment at one time in their lives.

8: The police are more likely to arrest some people than others these official statistics may tell us more about police than about those who commit crime.

Ex: Racial gap- African Americans are far more likely to be arrested than any other racial group in the U.S. In some places dramatically so.

9: Advocating for plea deal low class people who Have appointed attorneys most likely push the  defiant for a plea deal to end the  case quicker. Even if he/she is innocent.

Ex: False arrest is a common law tort, where a plaintiff alleged he or she was held in custody without probable cause, or without an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

10: Appointed attorneys are motivated to being their case to a close quickly by negotiating a plea of guilty.

Ex: Advocating for plea deal-low class people who have appointed attorneys most likely push the defendant for a  plea deal to end the case quicker. Even if he/she is innocent.

How did you make it?: I took a shoes box and made my own prison. I set it up into four stages. I then wrote how each stage would work and how I made it better.

Advise to Others: Do a topic you are interested in.