My project represents power, class and conflict. The pennies represent us, me and you. They represent our worries, concerns, issues, values and how unimportant they are to the power class of America. The water represents us as individual people manipulated and used. The oil represents domination, corporate welfare and the overall power in America. When the bottle is shaken up as seen in the picture on the right we are being deceived, manipulated and used by people in power; however, it seems as if we are all mixed up well working together, just as people in power want us to think and when the liquids start to settle as pictured in the middle our concerns, issues, values(pennies) remain on the bottom untouched and the water (us) rests in the middle and the oil(power) stays on top. If you look close enough you will notice that without the water the oil would be at the bottom with our concerns, but like its displayed we will continue to support the one thing that drives the wedge of class conflict while being oblivious to whats really happening.

Phenomenon 1: Business Deregulation

Related aspect- Gm bailout


Phenomenon 2 & 3: Progressive and Regressive Taxation

Related aspect- Property taxes in America


Phenomenon 4: Domination

Related aspect- Pipeline


Phenomenon 5: Class conflict

Related aspect- Fight for 15


Phenomenon 6: Anti-war of maneuver

Related aspect- Hate incidents since trumps win


Phenomenon 7: Corporate welfare

Related aspect- CEOs of automakers plead for 34B federal bailout

Phenomenon 8: State violence monopoly

Related aspect- Pipeline Activism


Phenomenon 9: Political Socialization

Related aspect- Road signs and groups on road sides to encourage voting



Phenomenon 10: Ideology

Related aspect- A class within America follow trumps lead


I made my project out of very basic items oil, water, pennies, and a bottle. I originally was going another direction a few times and I just wanted to make sure that my object displayed how power in America does have control while trying to make us believe that they are working with us, so I needed something that went together, but did not mix well and that’s when it hit me! What better than oil and water, so simple but yet very effective in what I wanted to do.

My advice for other students is take personal responsibility for your actions as a student, you will receive the grade you work for, one will not be handed to you! This class is very informational and very fun if you actually participate. Do the readings, join in on the discussions, ask questions (Mr.D doesn’t bite) make friends in the class who are different from you and you all will learn things from each other. Most of all have an open mind be willing to accept that there are other opinions and facts besides your own. When you are given directions on a project, start on it!! Don’t wait until the last minute and complain that you don’t understand. Have self discipline and just get it done or simply ask for help-Good Luck