Description: I did my project on  police brutality in America. This past year in the news there has been numerous stories about police officers shooting and killing unarmed mainly African American citizens.  Many Policies Officer all over the United States have gotten away with killing these innocent people with not any jail time or other consequence.

Ideas: “Outsiders”, Devience, “Black Students at predominant white colleges and universities “, I vs.Me , The Presentaion of self in Everyday life, The Promise, Power, “Positive Functions of the Undeserving Poor”,Why do white people insist race doesn’t matter?, Modern Feminism.

Project Idea:I made the project using colored pencils. I searched for pictures on explains of police  brutality and came with the idea of two armed  police officers shooting a sign to indicate that the police will shoot anything  by just saying it wa armed.

Advice: Take notes on class conversations. Make a rough draft of project before a final draft to ensure no mistakes.