My project was about how there is no control in our schools anymore. There is all kinds of issue from where there are rapes, harassment, drugs and other issues in schools.

Double-Standard: “Sexually active men are positively reinforced by being referred to as “studs,” whereas women who are sexually active or report enjoying sex are derogatorily labeled as “sluts”…” (Boswell and Spade 2010:290)

Rape Culture: “is a set of values and beliefs that provide an environment conducive to rape…” (Boswell and Spade 2010:289)

Blaming the Victim: This occurs whenever a minority/oppressed group is held responsible for their oppression—this practice takes the place of holding the majority groups and oppressive social institutions accountable for the oppression of minorities.

Doing Gender: When we interact with other people, we are encouraged and, to some extent (eventually), feel compelled to ‘act like a man’ or ‘act like a woman.’ Behaving according to these ideals or failing to live up to them (depending on whether we are seen as male-bodied or female-bodied persons) is the “doing” of gender. To put it differently, “Gender…is the activity of managing situated conduct in light of normative conceptions of attitudes and activities appropriate for one’s sex category.” For men, for example, doing gender means “to have sex with women,” “to dominate women and other men,” “to be strong(er than women and other men),” etc. For a woman, doing gender means “to have sex with men,” “to mother children,” “to be a wife to a man,” “to do (most of the) domestic labor,” etc. (West and Zimmerman 2004:151) & (Hoynes and Croteau 2013:313)

Domination: “the power to set the terms under which other groups and classes must operate, not total control.” (Domhoff 2010:374)

Ideology: “the complex set of rationales and rationalizations through which a group, class, or nation interprets the world and justifies its actions within it. An ideology usually is fervently believed by those who espouse it.” (Domhoff 2010:377)

Dominant-Aggressive Assumption: “Rape culture is based on the assumptions that men are aggressive and dominant whereas women are passive and acquiescent….” (Boswell and Spade 2010:289)

Stigma as Death Camp Singularity: Whenever a group of people is stigmatized, an ‘inferior race’ is constructed within the knowledge system of a particular group, which is self-anointed as a ‘superior race’ – this concept often gets adopted (or introjected) by the stigmatized group. And when interpersonal interactions are designed in such a way that one group regards itself as superior to an inferior group, a foundation is laid for violence and abuse perpetrated by the superior group against the inferior group—the terminal point (or the logical conclusion) of which seems to be a death camp or genocide. [Note: a “singularity” in mathematics is a turning point in the behavior of the mathematically modeled system]

Sexual Harassment: “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.” (Hoynes and Croteau 2013:313) This can involve both intentional, such as when a boss threatens a subordinate with punitive measures if they don’t provide them with sexual favors, and unintentional behavior, such as when a co-worker tells a ‘funny’ joke to another co-worker. (Hoynes and Croteau 2013:300-301)

Spiral of Silence (Hoynes and Croteau 2013:441

I Mad a school out of cardboard and i set it on fire to show the problems in schools

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