This is Hambre, you can thank the Donald for the name. He represents the other %98 percent of Americans shackled down by society. America is has been slowly molded by the rich and powerful to benefit them. While regular people are having to pick up the slack and are being dragged down by higher taxes and politicians that divide us.


  • Rick reduction
  • Scapegoating and displacement
  • Economic banishment and the reserve army of labor
  • Supplying illegal goods
  • Job creation
  • Norm reinforcement
  • Supplying popular culture villains
  •  Institutional scapegoating
  • Conservative power shifting
  • Spatial Purification

Hambre is basically a scarecrow. Made up of two compartments for easy transportation. the top has a wooden skeleton to hold up his head. I used pine straw for the stuffing authentic 90’s mom jeans, a shirt from goodwill, my friend’s dad gardening hat and a pair of shackles from party city.