Finished Project

IMG_7888.JPGProject in Process

IMG_7886.JPGDescription  of Progress

Women all over the world are discriminated against in many different ways. They are discriminated against in the work place and in public every day.

List of Ideas

  • Double-Standard
  • Dominant-Aggressive Assumption
  • Culture Thought Mold
  • 3rd World Worker + 2nd Class Women = Cheapest Labor
  • Anti-Maternal Employment
  • Threatened 3rd World Woman
  • Family-Factory Controlled Woman
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Power Makes Culture
  • Childgirl Property Protection

How Did You Make it?

I got a poster, drew the outline of a women, traced it with a sharpie, and colored it with a pink crayon. Then I printed out and colored in pictured of four bows. Then, I put stickers that are stereotypical of women on the bows and on the woman.

Advice to Others

Always pay attention and take notes in class. Start working on the project at least a week before it is due.