Women in the work place are making half of what men make.

While women make 77 cents,

African-American women make 64 cents.

Men are making a whole dollar more.

Sexual harassment is a big issue,

It’s been going on for years.

Donald Trump can touch women in the vagina,

Call women disgusting for breastfeeding,

Yet no one says anything.

Men try to dominate us by making women do certain things to get more money or be promoted.

Major companies look at us second with Walmart paying us lower than the male worker,

And giving women less promotions.

Believe it or not rape culture in the work place is a thing.

Women in the military are expected to get raped and mistreated,

Just because we are fighting alongside of men.

God forbid if we get pregnant,

Women might get fired,

Or encouraged to abort the baby.

But the world is changing a little,

Samesex people can no more be discriminated when they are applying for jobs.

Even though some people may still discriminate them.

Society is starting to accept gay parenting,

Even though people are trying to ban gay parenting.

But their double standards are still a thing.

Men can do whatever they want and gain popularity for it,

While women always get blamed for stuff we didn’t do,

Like robberies or rape.

But that’s the perks of being a woman!


Description of the Project:

The project is about how women are treated in the work areas across the United States. How women are paid less and how women have to deal with sexual harassment. How women deal with demanding and are threaten in the work place.

List of Ideas:

Women are inferior to men, so women are paid differently- Women can have the same jobs as men and get paid differently than men.

Sexual Harassment- is harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances.

Domination- men who are head person in charge try to set rules and regulation that satisfied him more.

3rd world worker+2nd class women= cheaper labor-Because women are second in the mentality of this society, we are not paid like men are.

Rape culture- women are getting rape in the work places and being are being criticize for not excepting.

Anti-Maternal Employment- women who are expect to abort the baby to keep their jobs

Homophobia- the hatred or fear of homosexuals.

Heterosexism- the belief that everybody straight

Double standard- a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or group.

Blaming the victim- victim of a crime is held responsible.

How this relate to the project?

In my poem, I said a lot of things that involve the treatment of women and minorities in the workplace. With the women get paid less and the sexual harassments. In the poem, I talk about the way men try to touch us and try to dominate us by making us have sex with them for a higher paid. How Walmart is not making women right and giving women less promotions. How we are expect to get rape in the military because we are fight along side men. How they fired us for getting pregnant or having a child to take care of because they do not want to paid us for the leave. How same sex people get discriminate for like the same sex and how gay or lesbian couple can not raise a child because of people way of thinking. Women get slander all the time when it come to playing the same role. Men get popularity for sleep with multiple women and women get call hoes. Women always get blame for the crime that are against them. If she get rape, the first thing they going to ask is what she was wear. That why I wrote my poem, so people can be aware of what they are saying.

How did I make it?

I just look up the ideas and let me mind think of all the stuff I want to get off my chest.

Advice to others?

Think about you topic, see if it is an issue in the world, and see if you can make a difference with the way people feel about the topic