Problem and Situation Addressed

The problem is the news and media portray black people that do crimes or are the victims versus white people that do the same crimes or victims. The media portray black people that are victims with mugshot and other information that devalue them and white people portrayed as heroes. For Example, when an African-American man was kill by a police officer, the news outlet portrayed the man as a criminal and posted his mugshot instead of the police officer who did the crime in the situation.

Theoretical Ideas

Stereotypes involves a idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Discrimination involves the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people.

Racism involves the belief that all matter of each race posses abilities specific to that race, to distinguish it to inferior or superior to another race or races.

White Privilege involves privileges that benefit people that identified as white.

Prejudice involves unjustified attitude towards an individual based solely on the individual’s social group.

Scapegoat- blame of their wrong on other people

Blaming the victim- blaming a person who is wrong accused of a crime

How do it relate?

It relate because the news discriminate black people by making us look like the criminals in the situation. Put a images of the victim’s mugshot or the victim smoking and the news put up a happy wholesome picture of the killer in his cop uniform acting like he was doing his job. Like he is blaming wrongly accused, it is sad and pathetic something needs to be done.


How did I make it?

I drew a picture of a man sitting on the couch watching television and on the television there is a picture of a mugshot with three African-American boys in it and the bottom show a picture of a white man that kills them playing tennis.

Advice to others

I would encourage everyone to do that project ahead of time so you would not have to do a overnight project.

 I did not have my template so I just did what I remember off the dome.