I don’t want to be labeled.I’m a feminist but why should that word even exist? Aren’t we all supposed to be decent good human beings?

I don’t want to be called “gay” or “bi” or whatever you see me as.

As a human being, I love who I love and isn’t that supposed to be beautiful?

Is it right in your eyes?

You’re not the one to judge me.


As fluid as water, as fluid as time passes, I am a women of sexual desires. My sexuality is powerful, my love for others s golden, my body is open.

Am I a slut?

Why is it so wrong to unwind my soul to several open hands? Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to feel the many pleasures that are supposed to be looked down upon?


I smell like sin.

My gender, my body, my power, my mind, MY everlasting soul.

Should that be labeled too?

Why should it be justified?

I am a whole body made of silk and red pleasure.

The epitome of perfection that is