img_5154Description of Project:

My project was based on the idea of women having the same right as men.

List of Ideas:

  1. Doing Gender- Women always have been held to the standard of being the mother figure and up keeping the house. It is proven that nowadays men do more around the house than what they use to do. Even with this proof from the survey in this article, people still recognize the woman’s household work more than the man’s. Naturally people want to give all the credit to the women unless they see the man doing it themselves.
  2. Family-Factory Controlled Female- Historically, Korea’s automotive industry was lead by male designers. In this article, women were given an opportunity to design a vehicle they thought their women peers would buy and to the shock of many, the pink cars were successful giving women designers an opportunity to rise in the industry.
  3. 3rd World Worker + 2nd Class Women= Cheapest Labor- Men have always been seen as the income providers. So now that women are allowed to work they are secondary providers for the family. It was stated in the article that only 29% of married women out-earn their husbands. This number only relates to heterosexual marriages. However, in some cases the woman is only making more because her husband isn’t making anything at all. This still leaves majority of the men to make more than woman.
  4. Anti-Maternal Employment- This follows my last idea that women have to take maternity leave when pregnant, leaving the men to be able to work more than women. However, in other countries they want women to work regardless of maternity for the cheaper labor.
  5. Childgirl Property Protection- Odds are men are more controlling over women because they are more territorial. They restrict them from their interactions with other men in being scared that they will take the woman away.
  6. Sexual Harassment- Historically, women have been sexually harassed by men because the men held the power. In an article on The Intercept, a woman was sexually harassed by a male police officer. She was scared to tell her story until recently when another man’s death row date came out and she wants to help the innocent man out. Currently, women have gained power in the work force, which has caused claims against women sometimes. So you can argue sexual harassment lies with the person who has all the power.
  7. Domination- In today’s society and generation, it is a joke among the people that women wear the pants in the relationship meaning “happy wife, happy life”. Decades ago, men were known to wear the pants in the relationship, which just shows that times have changed.
  8. Power Makes Culture- Women are just starting to get some power back that was taken from them years ago that was enforced by men. The right to vote has become a HUGE thing for women because they didn’t always have the power to do so.
  9. Gender Micropolitics- Women alter how they dress and act in certain situations because they want to be seen as equals. Aniket believed that men should never have to do the house chores until he started going to a class in India that was made for younger men. The teacher informed these young men that it is okay to help the women with chores and this is the proper way to treat women. This helped him make a change in his attitude towards women and help his older sister with the chores in the home. All women want to be judged by their intelligence and seen for their abilities, not just these few women in India that have been lucky to have this class offered to the men in their life.
  10. Despot Duality- It has been said that a woman cannot be fully successful in her career and be a good mother. This takes an even larger toll on women when they are single mothers trying to provide for a family. Not only do they struggle to make ends meet but the job suffers if the women has to leave early due to an injury or sickness to her child. You can’t be successful at both, and they both will be affected in the long run.

How did you make it?

I used a foam board to cut out the background of a girl. Then I went online and found 10 different things to represent my 10 ideas that I chose. Then I taped them onto the girl.

Advice to Others:

Start looking at the sources early. It’s hard to find some on certain ideas related to this topic.