• My main topic is rape culture. According to, Rape culture is a term that was coined by feminists in the US in the 1970’s. It was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized male sex violence. The website goes on to say, “Rape culture includes jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable. Rather than viewing the culture of rape as a problem to change, people in a rape culture think about the persistence of rape as “just the way things are.”
  • I chose this as my topic because rape is a huge problem in our society today that affects more people than we even realize.


  1. Double standard: An article that I found tied in with double standards and rape is about men thinking it is okay to cheat or take advantage because they had the sanctioned power to do it and had little consequence as apposed to women. If women were to commit adultery, most of the time, they would be considered promiscuous.
  2. Dominant Aggressive Assumption: A woman that was protesting against feminism had to cancel her lecture after many death threat towards her. This shows an extreme amount of aggressive from the dominance of society causing her to not express her beliefs. Dominant aggressive behaviors are a significant characteristic in all rapists as well.
  3. Blaming the Victim: A judge in a rape case that took place at Stanford was removed from the case after dealing him a lighter sentence. The judge said the longer prison term could have a serve impact on the man being accused. Not taking in consideration the life-long affects that the victim would have.
  4. Virgin/ Puta Double- Blind: A former Indiana University student was charged with raping women on two separate occasions. One involved him taking advantage of a woman while she was blacked out.
  5. Rape Culture: A US soldier was arrested in alleged rape of a Japanese tourist while she was sleeping at her hotel. Other allegations of soldiers raping women have been reported in the past as well.
  6. Sexual Harassment: Fox News Chair, Roger Ailes has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. In the online article, it says, “One of the six women to speak with New York Magazine says she was 16 when Roger Ailes brought her into his office, locked the door and then pulled down his pants. When she refused to perform oral sex, she says he chased her around the office until finally allowing her to leave the room.”
  7. Power Elite: Berta Caceres was recently assassinated by Honduran government-backed death squads. In an online article by Beverly Bell, she says that Berta was a “fighter for indigenous peoples’ power; for control over their own territories; for women’s and LGBTQ rights; for authentic democracy; for the well-being of Pachamama; for an end to tyranny by transnational capital; and for an end to US empire was not destined to die of old age. She spoke too much truth to too much power.” This is a perfect example of how the government is the power elite and they felt she was threat.
  8. Domination: In an article called, “Stand Your Ground Unless You’re a Battered Woman”, authors Amy Goodman and Denis Moyniham describe, “Cherelle Baldwin is lucky to be alive. She was repeatedly abused by her ex-partner. She was attacked by him in her own home and defended herself, for which she went to prison.” This is an example of how her ex-partner was demonstrating aggressive domination in the sense of physically abusing her and in the end she goes to jail for it when she tries to defend herself.
  9. Impress Authority, Neglect Victim: Rolling Stone Magazine published an article in their magazine talking about a rape story that was apparently “partly inaccurate”. They retracted the story even after the victim still maintains that she was sexually assaulted and neglected her feelings and side of the story while trying to please others.
  10. Dysphoric engagement, difficult disengagement: A former police officer interrogates and forces women into his police car and rapes them without them having any power to get out. Disengagement means being trapped and this story is a perfect description of it happening.

How did I make it? I made my project using a poster board. I glued printed out pictures of stick figures (a man and a woman) and put orange duck tape on their mouths, hands and private parts. The duct tape represents them being trapped, like most rape victims feel.

Advice to others? My advice to others would be to take into consideration what you say around others. Someone might have experienced something that you are joking about.