My project is made to describe the inequality among minority and the discrimination that often occurs. My project shows a woman in a factory sitting next to a conveyor belt that is throwing money onto the floor. The belt represents the large corporations that suck the money out of businesses, leaving them very little to pay their workers. The money on the floor shows how workers know the money is there, yet never receive their fair share of it.

10 Ideas:

#1 Sociological Idea: Gender Hostage Acceptance

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Brazil’s right-wing congressman, Jair Bolsonaro, told Maria do Rosario, a Congresswoman since 2003, that she was not worthy of his raping after Rosario condemned the military dictatorship for using murder, sexual abuse, etc. against dissidents. Bolsonaro proceeded to boast about his comment on social media where he also posted a video of himself telling Rosario a similar statement at a previous time.


#2 Sociological Idea: Sexual Harassment

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Two German women are describing an event that occurred on New Year’s Eve in Cologne between women and migrant men. The men came from a culture where it is expected for women to do what they ask, stay home, and get married so therefore thought that rape was acceptable.


#3 Sociological Idea: Capital Flight

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The Maldives’ president laundered $1.5 billion into the government’s accounts and then began telegraph-transferring the money back out. The money never reached the citizens of the country as it was used by authorities for personal matters.


#4 Sociological Idea: 3rd World worker + 2nd class woman = cheapest labor

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Boston began teaching it’s women how to negotiate for a better salary because women are seen as cheaper. This causes them to only earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. The author says that the gap comes from the division of household and caregiver duties.


#5 Sociological Idea: Anti-maternal employment

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The woman participated in an interview where she stated that she had to return to work just 3 weeks after her son was born because the bills weren’t going to pay themselves. The company offers no paid leave for mothers or even arrangements for them to be able to stay home and care for their newborn children.


#6 Sociological Idea: Threatened 3rd world women

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The workers of a Bahrain steel plant have gone on strike due to low wages and unsafe conditions. One man explains how he lost his finger by being overly exhausted from working a 16 hour day and losing concentration. The factory offered no compensation for this loss and still expected him to show up to work.


#7 Sociological Idea: Family-factory controlled female

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The article describes how women’s talents are often underutilized and the chance of a woman rising to a leadership role is only 28% of a male’s chance. This article also describes a colleague’s blog that highlights the main differences in men and women in the workplace based off of the predetermined roles of women in society.


#8 Sociological Idea: Labor theory of value

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: German companies are contemplating hiring more refugees. Companies wanted to hire refugees with knowledge and skill equivalent to German citizens, but that is not the case. Most refugees have a skill of some kind, but no official certificate to present.


#9 Sociological Idea: Global financial institutions

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: People living in extreme poverty are living on less than $1.90 a day. This inequality occurs in middle to low income countries and while the reasons are known, very few resources are found to be able to assist the people in need.


#10 Sociological Idea: Structurally adjusted women

Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Many women in developing countries struggle to make ends meet. They often make goods or provide a service to anyone willing to pay. At this point the woman has made enough money to start a small business, and successfully thrive. She will then expand and receive enough profit to be able to feed her children more nutritious meals and buy the things the family has needed for so long.


To make this project, I used an old boot box, wooden shapes, and a barbie. I glued the barbie to a wooden block and used 4 more blocks to make the conveyor belt. My inspiration came from images I found online of women in factories.

Advice I would give to other students is to find specific aspects of the issue and relate it the best you can to the idea. The readings are often confusing if not given a reference point to tie the idea to.