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Description of the Project

My project is a series of flyers that each picture a different woman. The images are women of different ages and each flyer says “I am NOT asking for it”. These flyers are meant to bring attention to rape and rape culture in our society and make people aware that no woman is asking to be raped.

List of Ideas

  1. Rape Culture:In the case dealing with Brock Turner where he raped an unconscious woman and left her behind a dumpster, he was dealt a short sentence because a long sentence would have “a severe impact on him”and was let out early because of good behavior. He was sentenced to 6 months but only spent 3 months in jail. This shows how rape culture in our country is focused on making sure the rapist’s life isn’t ruined because of a “small mistake”, and not showing any concern to how the victim’s life is ruined
  2. Patriarchy:In this article, the topic of discussionis whether or not Bill Clinton’s Rape and Harassment Allegations should be brought up in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This shows how we live in a patriarchal system in which a woman cannot run for a position of power without also focusing on her husband’s life. It is as if she is responsible for her husband’s indiscressions.  When a male is running, we do not look as in depth into his wife. And if it is brought up that his wife did something bad, we do not hold him accountable for it.
  3. Double Standard: In this article, it is discusses how a woman who is an adult film star accused Donald Trump of hugging and kissing her without consent. Donald Trump is quoted saying, “She’s a porn star” and “Oh, I’m sure no one has ever grabber her before.” His remarks imply that if he had sexually harassed or assaulted her, which he did not actually admit, his actions would have been warranted because she’s a porn star. Because she is a sexually active woman she is automatically labeled as a slut and her allegations of sexual assault don’t matter as much.
  4. Blaming the Victim: When a US Navy Student reported being sexually assaulted by three of her fellow midshipmen at an off-campus party. Instead of questioning the men about their actions she was asked questions like, “Did you wear a bra and underwear to the party?” “How she performs oral sex?” and whether or not she felt like a “ho” the morning after. These questions asked to her and many of other victims of sexual assault and rape blame the victim for being raped rather than blaming those who raped them.
  5. Virgin/Puta Double Bind: In this article a third year law student at the University of Georgetown, Sandra Fluke, went before congress and advocated for contraception to be covered in healthcare because realistically not providing it won’t stop people from having sex, it will just cause them to have sex with no form of contraception. A right wing talk show host, Rush Limbaugh spoke on the issue and said “It makes her a slut, right? Makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.” This shows that if a woman is known to be sexually active she is labled as a slut or a whore. However, if a woman is a virgin she is instead called a prude.
  6. Sexual Harassment: This article discusses the video clip from access Hollywood of Donald Trump and Billy Bush and their “locker room talk”.  They make remarks toward women in regards to what they want to do, or have done to them. This conversation is seem as normal in our society because it’s just guys being guys, but its actually sexual harassment. If a woman heard the things they were saying about them they would be offended and disgusted
  7. Doing Gender: In India, a 17-year-old girl who was gang-raped has committed suicide after being pressured by police to drop the case and marry one of her attackers. Instead of punishing her rapists police urged her to marry one of them because women are supposed to become wives and mothers. Those things are what make you a woman, so therefore many believe that’s what you have to do.
  8. Gender Micropolitics: When several young women went to the Dean of students’ office to report that they had been raped they were told to make sure they don’t talk to anyone else about it. There was an attempt to cover the crime up and the women were lectured about how they shouldn’t go out in short skirts. They were told how they as women should dress. As women, we are not only told what type of clothes we should wear but we are also told what the proper length should be, among various other specifications.
  9. Gender-Hostage Acceptance: At UVA fraternities were suspended because of allegations of sexual assault. A student named Jackie who was gang-raped at a fraternity during her first year on campus. After she reported the rape to the head of the school’s Sexual Misconduct Board, the administration took no action, not even to warn students of a potential risk. This article exhibits gender-hostage acceptance. Men are supposed to have sex with women. In order to gain acceptance from other men, in this case their fraternity brothers, these young men go to extreme lengths to gain acceptance and fit in.
  10. Dominant-Aggressive Assumption: This article discusses a video featuring Ray Rice punching his then girlfriend and knocking her unconscious. Examples, like this teach people that it is normal for men to be aggressive and violent. These stereotypes contribute to our society’s rape culture.

How did you make it?

To make my flyers I google searched for images of women of different ages. I then placed them into a word document and put the text “I am NOT asking for it” below each image.

Advice to Others?

Start early when attempting to find articles to relate your ideas to, because it can be difficult to find what you are looking for and takes a lot of time.