Description of the project :

The issue I am addressing in this project is class and global inequality. I have researched how class and global inequality is affecting lives of people across the globe.

List of Ideas :

  1.  Rich and powerful countries in the world ( United States, Germany etc.) which are known as core nations exploit poor and less powerful countries which are known as  peripheral nations for cheap labor and resources. Experiment sociology.245
  2. Income Inequality : It is the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner among the population.According to the studies, 1% of the richest Americans posses 40% of nation’s wealth while bottom 80% owns 7% wealth. Richest 1% takes quarter of national income.
  3. Class Inequality : Workers part of working class don’t realize being exploited  and oppressed by the capitalists where owners (middle/upper class) control mean of production and get all the benefits and rewards.
  4. Political instability : More unequal societies are more politically unstable. This increases tension  and causes violence. The government becomes unstable and finally collapses. Wikipedia
  5. Health and inequality : Many health outcomes- everything from the life expectancy to infant mortality rate and obesity can be linked to the level of economic inequality. Poor people are forced to live on less nutritious foods while rich enjoy nutritious diet.
  6. Education and class Inequality : The class you were born in determines the type of education you get. Children from rich families get to study in expensive private institutions while those from poor families are forced to study in public institutions.
  7. The settlement area of rich and poor are clearly distinguishable as rich live in bigger, well facilitated areas while poor are forced to live in the poorest part of the area i.e slums. Newman 2012
  8. Social class and Mobility : Since hierarchical class systems have fewer position at the top, relatively few people can move up to the highest position regardless to talent, dedication and hard work. Experience Sociology 228
  9. Social class and its impacts on our lives : life chances of poor in the world suffer in comparison to healthier strata of society. Poor people generally die faster the rich ones due to less access to medical care, nutrition in addition to higher risk of occupational hazard.
  10. Political Inequality and economy : America’s policymaker respond almost exclusively to the preferences of the economically advantaged.

How I made my project :

The class and income inequality is a contemporary issue. I wanted to get more information and facts related to it, so i researched different kinds of existing inequalities and their effects in human life.

Advice to others :

A project in this topic require a lot of research and a lot of readings is to be done.