Description of the project:sociology

I have made a project about Soccer and how it is affecting the social life of its fans.

List of ideas:

  1. Unity : Sports such as soccer plays a vital role to maintain unity in society. Sports unite people from diverse background.
  2. Entertainment : Soccer is a source of entertainment for millions of people in the world. This beautiful game is full of thrills and excitements.
  3. Work Ethic : Sports like soccer develops a habit of commitment towards our work. We learn to work hard and develop a competitive character.
  4. Fitness : Soccer provides all round fitness. It may improve physiological, psychological and sociological aspect of human body.
  5. Hooliganism : It is a negative aspect of every sport. It is the violent behavior of fans which may result in brawls and quarrels.

How I Made my project ?

I am interested in sports. I researched the positive and negative aspect of soccer and listed them. I also prepared some slides.

Advice to others :

Actually, i was in misunderstanding while doing this project. I was off the topic in doing this project. So, my advice to other would be that everyone should be clear what they are doing for the project and should not go off topic.