(these consist of the 11 uses of global poverty found in the small book)



Affordable Western Goods (Eglitis 2010:418-419)



Increased Western Profit Margins (Eglitis 2010:419-420)



Access to Foreign Resources (Eglitis 2010:420-421)



Western Medical Advances (Eglitis 2010:421)



Brain Drain (Eglitis 2010:422)



Pacification of Western Proletariat (Eglitis 2010:422-423)



Foreign Garbage Dump (Eglitis 2010:423-424)



Specialists of the Foreign Poor (Eglitis 2010:242-425)



Feel-Good Foreign Charities (Eglitis 2010:425-426)



Westward-Flowing Massive Resources (Eglitis 2010:426)



Scapegoating Poor Countries (Eglitis 2010:427-428)