Description of the Project:

The issue I am addressing with my project is Power and the meaning of the image is to explain inequality of the powerless.

List of the Ideas:

  1. Standpoint Theory- when questions taken for granted assumptions about society by looking at it from multiple view points especially from the perspective of people in subordinate positions.  Experience Sociology PG. 122 “Power and Privilege”
  2. Stratifications systems are made up of social structures and cultural norms that create and maintain inequality by ranking people into a hierarchy of groups that receive unequal resources. ES PG. 125
  3. Throughout modern history, those below the capitalist class have often resisted inequality; in particular workers in various countries have organized labor unions to gain more power and to improve their working conditions. ES PG. 129
  4. Matrix of domination to indicate the interlocking systems of oppression associated with race, class, and gender. the metaphor of a matrix suggests more than one dimension and allows for the idea that people can be privileged or oppressed in some ways.  ES PG. 125
  5. Intersectionality theory which highlights the connections and interactions between various forms of inequality, especially race, class, and gender. ES PG. 124
  6. Status is a persons position in a social system; it is also the prestige attributed to that individual. Depending on the context, then, status can have two meanings – the position itself or the prestige associated with it. ES PG. 124
  7.  Empowerment can also involve organizations, communities and entire categories of people. International development agencies ,for example, try to empower poor people by increasing their capacity to care for themselves and their families.
  8. Compared to powerful people those who feel relatively powerless are more likely to use coercion because they think they have no other means of achieving their aims. ES PG. 115
  9. A persons class status can change as result of structural changes in the economy, individual ability, education, effort, luck, or, other factors. ES PG.126
  10. Status and class are often linked; people who belong to higher classes disproportionately come from groups with higher status. ES PG. 124

How I made my project?

I liked the topic of power so I was online searching about Poverty and Power when somethings I read stood out then the idea of my project popped in my head. I hand drew what came to mind.

Advice to others:

If your were planning on doing a project on this topic the readings are a lot of help, they are understandable.