img_4897Description of the Project

I think that the media, such as the news and social media, is really affecting people in society nowadays. We believe everything we hear or see and it is not always right. They are trying to manipulate the way people see things.

List of Ideas

1. Scapegoating – things on all kinds of media are taken out of context by the public and are twisted into something that the speaker did not mean.

2. Job Creation – these jobs are created to have people educate us on what is going on in the world around us.

3. Power – when it comes to social media the person who is posting the comment has all the power of what is being said. Same goes for the media.

4. Reward – I feel that when people say something on the media that was somewhat forced then they tend to be rewarded by having their name become known or have a good word put out for them.

5. Networking – All kids of media use this. The news reaches out to the community for information on things happening around them. Social media also uses this when you can find new friends, or how you know what you can post and what you can’t.

6. Coerce – The media tends to do things like this I think without even realizing sometimes. They don’t physically harm people, but they can emotionally harm people if they are not careful about what is said.

7. Power Tactics – The news says something every day to try and make the public believe it, even if it is twisted. On social media we voice our opinions to try and make people see it from our point of view.

8. Legitimate Power – If something is posted on social media that doesn’t involve us, then we aren’t worried about it. If it’s on the news and it’s not about our area, we tend to ignore it instead of trying to feel for the other people.

9. Rational – On the news, the people talking read off the screen that tells them what to say. They are not allowed to break outside of that screen and say whatever they want.

10. Hegemony – This goes for either type of media. The news tried to make things very direct and to the point. If you post something on social media you also have a point behind why you’re posting it or even saying it.

How did you make it?

I just googled an empty news set. Then I started drawing it on regular copy paper.

Advice to Others

I don’t really have any advice for others.