Description of the Project:

The issue that I choose to do was ” standing outside societies borders as a misfit”. The image above shows the doors that societies demands we go through and if we choose not to, we are qualified as misfits.The purpose of the image above is to show that we do not have to go through the door, instead we can come together and stand on the borders.

List of Ideas:

Theoretical idea 1.Grieveablilty- Being a misfit comes with the idea that we are less worthy to be grieved over than one who is not a misfit and conforms to society

Related aspect: Griveabilty is related to the idea that if you are transgender or intersex  you are not as worth to be grieved over vs someone who fits in the categories

Theoretical idea 2 Misfits are greatly discriminated against because of the fact that society labels misfits as outcast who should be shunned

Related aspect:Discrimination is related to the aspect of society shunning out misfits because often misfits are thought of as less of incapable of making important decisions.

Theoretical idea 3: Type one error is a common mistake for a misfit to make because they are not if they are being discriminated against.

Related aspect:A misfit make choose to speak out against discrimination but there may not be any.

Theoretical idea 4 : Type two error -Not noticing a pattern when there is one.

Related aspect: A misfit might not notice discrimination against them when there is some.

Theoretical idea 5:Being a misfit automatically give society power over you.

Related aspect:Power relates to the shunning of misfits ,because those in power are the ones who tell society what is “right ” and what is “wrong”.

Theoretical idea 6: Society creates a stigma as another form of power over those who wish to live outside societies standards.

Related aspect: The stigma that society creates ,creates a sense of fear and doubt into the eyes of one who wishes not fit in; thus pressuring them to fit in.

Theoretical idea 7: Power tactics are strategies people use to influence others in everyday life.

Related aspects: Society uses power tactics to force misfits into a category.Such as a recent even when transgender woman gg Gorgeous was not allowed in Dubai because she was transgender.

Theoretical idea 8: They way society gets misfits to conform to their demands is by using reward power.Reward power is the power used by society to allow them to only give us what we want or need if they conform their demands.

Related aspects: Reward power relates to the fact that misfit lose certain rights because they don’t want to live within the standards.

Theoretical idea 9: Inequality is the idea that some are treated better or worse than others.

Related aspects:Inequality relates to the issue of shunning ou misfits because no matter where a misfit is located he/she will always get a dirty look or sly comment.

Theoretical idea 10 :Expert power, is power used by someone who is claimed to be an expert.

Related aspects: The person who uses their power to conform misfits also uses power in order to turn the rest of society against the misfits.

How did you make it? I drew this picture with a 2b pencil a ruler and very light pressure in order to be able to see the doors behind each other.

Advice to others: Figure out your project first then find ways to base theoretical ideas around your topic ,not the other way around.