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My drawing is the depiction of someone who is different, as in the form of being gay, lesbian, or transgender. The person is so terrified to come out to the surface that they are hiding behind themselves. Why do we as a human race allow others to feel the discomfort of being themselves? But, slowly and surely they may feel comfortable at coming out. Hence the fingers emerging. For some people it is a scary process due to the fact of disappointed family and/or close friends. They fear the social stigmas of our world today in forms of oppression or general exclusion. I believe that not a single person ever wishes to feel shame and guilt, but they do want to be happy in their own skin. Everyone longs for acceptance from the world around them. Let’s allow people to be themselves!

List of Ideas:

  • Theoretical Idea #1: Cultural Priming
    • ->How the human race has been made to think and act a certain way.
    • This has lead to a negative association with gay people. Our society has taught us that being gay, per say, is not normal. Only a man and a woman are to have relations. Who has made this decision for us? Why are we scared to be different and fall out of the mold?
  • Theoretical Idea #2: Prejudice against the gay community
    • ->Prejudgment before becoming aware of the relevant facts–such as judgments towards gender, sexuality, beliefs, values,etc.
    • Homophobia involves a range of negative attitudes and feelings from people, such as family and friends. The gay community is scared to come out of  the closet due to the negative outcomes that erupt. Therefore, they stay locked inside their own bodies and suffer. Some even go as far as trying to do the normal thing as everyone knows it, just to be accepted  by society.
  • Theoretical Idea #3: Deviance
    • -> Different than what is perceived as being normal.
    • We as a society believe that being gay is shameful and sinful. In certain religions this is believed to be ungodly. There should be no such thing as a male-male or female-female relationship.
  • Theoretical Idea #4: Don’t be like a “woman” or “a gay man.”
    • -> Don’t show any feminism or compassion.
    • “Don’t you cry!” or “Stop crying before I give you something to cry about.”- Men say these things to their family/children to suppress their inner feelings because when you cry it somehow makes him feel shame and guilt. And don’t you dare allow a man to feel any shame and become vulnerable. A man is supposed to be tough, strong and unemotional. This is why our society cannot fathom the idea of a gay person. A man and a woman are supposed to balance each other out. The man is to be tough while the woman is to be caring. Nothing out of the ordinary should be accepted.
  • Theoretical Idea #5: Why are men taught :
    1. To be tough and strong?
    2. To be courageous and dominating?
    3. To show no emotion, pain, and fear?
      • The human brain is wired to imitate. Therefore, a father is admired by his son as a son is to be like his father. This is why our society thinks that same sex relationships are prohibited. A man should always be a man with no feminist qualities. As well as the same for a woman.
  • Theoretical Idea #6: Why are women viewed:
    1. Less valuable than a man?
    2. Property of a man?
    3. Inferior to a man?
    4. Objects for men?
      • “Before the Industrial Revolution the male endurance, value and physical strength translated directly to political power. Men fought in wars, hunted beasts, erected buildings, and plowed fields PRECISELY because they possessed the physical stamina to do so at a far greater degree than females.”

      • I believe this relates highly to how and why gay men and women feel inferior in our society as well. The hierarchy has always been viewed as male. So, anyone not in that realm of normalcy is shunned away. The gay male tends to have more feminine tendencies, therefore, inferior to a man. As the same for a gay woman.
  • Theoretical Idea #7:  “The Girl Cell”
    • -> Exist in each and every one of us including men as well as women. It’s just simply a choice of letting her out or not.
    • Why has society trained everyone not to be a girl, but rather a man?
    • Back in the day men were the bread winners for their families. Women were to sit at home and tend to the kids along with the house chores. Women were never given the chance to excel and be an equal. Anything that seems to challenge what a man should be is considered abnormal and forbidden. How dare a man/woman be gay! God created Adam and Eve.
  • Theoretical Idea #8: Well-being vs. Crisis
    • “When people cherish some set of values and do not fell any threat to them, they experience well-being. When they cherish values but do feel them to be threatened, they experience a crisis-either as a personal trouble or a public issue. And if their values seem involved, they feel the total threat of panic.”-The Promise

    • “In order to lead a meaningful life you need to cherish others, pay attention to human values and try to cultivate inner peace.”

    • Q: Why are we challenged by the unusual? Why do we view being gay as strange?
    • A: We have been brought up into a society where we have been taught that the norm is to be a man and a woman. It is embedded in our brains. Everyone has their own choice to either accept it or not.
  • Theoretical Idea #9: Persuasion
    • ->convincing people of the correctness of your position and goals
    • We as a society have persuaded ourselves into believing that being gay is wrong and sinful. Who are we to judge?
  • Theoretical Idea #10: Coercion
    • “To force compliance by threatening, intimidating, pressuring, or harming someone.”- Power

    • “Remember that mindsets can not be changed through force and coercion. No idea can be forcibly thrust upon anyone.”

    • Our society has shown so much coercion towards the gay/lesbian community that they have chosen to stay in the closet until they are secure and confident enough to come out, if it is to ever happen at all.

How You Made It?

First I searched for “Coming Out of the Closet” images. The first images that i came across were just too boring. After some serious digging,  I finally came across the image of the fingers coming out of the eyeball. When i seen this picture it just reminded me of how fearful and overwhelming the gay/lesbian community is of coming out of the closet. They hide behind their own being. I then decided to put my own spin on the image by adding the rainbow colors to the iris of the eye as well as throughout the drawing.  I then found a couple of other images that I incorporated into my drawing. I chose to use a black canvas and bright colored pencils in order for the pop out at you affect.

Advice to Others

Pick something challenging to broaden your knowledge (brain). Something your interested in learning about and can easily be discussed.Never give up!IMG_2753.JPG