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Anti-War and the United States abuse of power

Poor nations and lower-class minorities in our own country are being used as fuel to power  racist war culture.

  1. In the modern era, roughly since 1500, the fates of nations have been deeply intertwined in global struggles over resources. The most obvioustype was coloniolism, the use of military, political, and economic power by one society to dominate the people of another society, usually for economic benefit. (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 244)
  2. Dependency Theory, attributes global inequality to the exploitation of weaker poorer nations by wealthy, more powerful ones. (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 244)
  3. By identifying certain cultural or physical traits as socially significant, people create a social reality that influences how they behave with one another. In other words “seeing” others in terms of race, ethnicity, and other social categories can effect how we are toward them and help to legitimize social inequality. (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 244)
  4. First and foremost black americans are disproportionately poor. In 1995, while one of every eight white americans recieved income below the poverty line, three of every ten black Americans did. The shift was even worse when we shift from income to wealth( property such as home, land, stocks) In 1991, black households owned one-tenth the median net worth of white households. (And the poor get prison pg 162)
  5. Some studies suggest that race works to heighten the effects of economic condition on criminal justice outcomes, so that “being unemployed and black substantially increase the chances of incarceration over those associated with being unemployed or black. This means racism will produce a kind of selective economic bias, making a certain segment of the unemployed end up behind bars.(And the poor get prison pg 162)

6. Abuse of power, which is sometimes involved in sexual harrassment, takes another, extreme form in violence against women. As in other relations that involve power, violence against women is both a consequence and a cause of inequality.(Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 301)

7. Genocide is the systematic killing of a group of people, based on there race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.(Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 259)

8. The collective socialization of men, the man box, has all the ingredients about how we define being a man. Don’t cry or openly express emotions, Do not show weakness or fear, demonstrate power and control over women, aggression-dominance, protector, do not be like a woman, do not be like a gay man, tough athletic strength-courage. Makes decisions and does not need help (1:03-1:15

9. The existence of poor states in the world economy makes it less likely that they can derive the full benefit of the resources they posses for the government and people. (The Uses of Global Poverty p.420)

10. The more likely that a crime is the type committed by middle and upper class people, the less likely it will be treated as a criminal offense.( And The Poor Get Prison p. 167

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This is a series of pictures found online that relate to the topic. These were imported into photoshop and edited together to show examples of the theoretical ideas. Finding these images while working on the project seemed to capture the power and reach of the Military-Industrial Complex.


My advice to others would be to narrow down the subject matter to something more specific.