Description of the Project

The issue I talked about what on Racism and why does it still exist in the world today.

List of Ideas


The way Black people are treated in the united states



Not getting a job because of color

Race in your own state

Can’t provide shelter for family because your black

White supremacy


social media

Had my quotes on My theoretical midterm paper so once I get a hold to it I will edit it in so you will get a better idea of my ideas I used which was very good

How did you make it?

I made my project out of a project board, where I drew two people one white and the other black. Basically, I drew bubbles of thoughts of what the two people were thought as in the world and the black one was really looked at the worst by the white world.

Advice to Others 

I believe that you should speak on how you feel in doing projects like this because in the world we live in today as we grow up things are more skeptical and used for social gain. make sure you put your heart into doing projects like this because of the more you know about it the better the grade you will get. And you will also need to do the readings in the book it gives you a better idea of what you want to do your project on.