Description of the Project


My project is about Racial Inequality. The meaning of my project is to show many instances in society where minority groups are treated very differently than others.


List of Ideas


Stereotypes are exaggerated,distorted, or untrue generalizations about categories of people that do not acknowledge individual variation. “Experience Sociology Pg. 166

Red-lining is the use of discriminatory practices in the sale or rental of housing to minorities. “Experience Sociology Pg. 417

Stratification is social structures and cultural norms that create and maintain inequality by ranking people into a hierarchy of groups that receive unequal resources. “Experience Sociology Pg . 125

Positionality is the concept that our perceptions are shaped by our positions within society. These positions allow us to see and understand some social dynamics while obscuring others. Youtube video “What Does It Mean To Be White?”

Scapegoat is an individual or a group of people falsely blamed for a negative situation. “Experience Sociology P.275

Social Movements are movements that are created to show concern to certain social issues. “Experience Sociology P. 484

Black Students at Predominantly White College- explains how minorities felt and treated while at “white” universities

Power, as viewed by Max Weber, is the ability to bring about an intended outcome, even when opposed by others. “Experience Sociology P. 111

How did you make it?


I came up with this project just by watching the news or seeing it in person. One big reason for this project was when I learned Brock Turner got only 3 months in prison with evidence of rape while a young black man named Brian Banks who had to serve over 5 years in prison for rape without any evidence of it. The visual didn’t come out as planned but hopefully seeing the ideas will help make more sense.


Advice to Others


My advice to others is to go over the readings a couple times to make sure you get the full understanding of them. Also asking classmates and the instructor about what the theoretical ideas mean.