” Unite the Voice to Silence the Propaganda”

DISCUSSION: Why straight and fertile matters. The American Government and Religious Sect are businesses and as with all business they need people. To put it bluntly, these organizations feel that women whom believe in birth control and abortion kill the people they need, homosexuals don’t bred and transgender may influence the thought of young people in a way that is not conducive to the organization’s. Because of this these organizational needs the establishment has made it shameful, sinful, humiliating and in some cases down right illegal to make your own choice for your own body. These businesses have made it their business to build a system that keeps free thinking people divided, making them think that their issues are different. But if we can realize that our common goal is the same, we can unify our voice. We can be heard. We can out shine and silence the propaganda!

THEORETICAL RELATIONS: Below are just a few of the ways the Government and Religious Sect divide, intimidate and control the masses into production:

  1. Scapegoating  (Experience Sociology, 275);
  2. Stereotyping (Experience Sociology, 166);
  3. Rational-Legal Authority (Experience Sociology, 119);
  4. Discrimination (Experience Sociology, 124);
  5. Persuasion (Experience Sociology, 113);
  6. Charismatic Authority (Experience Sociology, 119);
  7. Social Closure (Experience Sociology, 124);
  8. Patriarchy (Experience Sociology, 129);
  9. Coercive Power (Experience Sociology, 114); and
  10. Traditional Authority (Experience Sociology, 119).

PRODUCTION: I started with Googling government and religious propaganda against, birth control, apportion, homosexuality, and the transgender. It is ridiculous what is out there. I then began to craft together my project. I adhered the propaganda first then in the blank area I erected the letters spelling out the word “VOICE”. I wanted the letters to appear 3-d as if it standing up to the propaganda and I chose the shining silver as a away to distract you from the background noise.