Problem or Situation Addressed

My focus on this project  is to describe how society outcasts certain populations due to their race, ethnicity, criminal background, their appearance, and where they live.

Theoretical Ideas

” When a rule is enforced, the person who is supposed to have broken it may be seen as a special kind of person, one who cannot be trusted to live  by the rules agreed upon by the group. He is regarded as an outsider. ” (Introduction to Sociology Reader by Rebecca Hensley and Russell Castro, p.94; idea by Howard Beckner.

Theory-to-Project Relation

The pictures that I put on a poster demonstrates  different views of how an outsider looks in our society.

How did you make it?

I did some brainstorming that related to a book that i read in my Intro to Criminal Justice class last semester. The book was called “The Outsiders” as well.  The book related to two groups of economic classes, one is wealthy , while the other is poor. It describes how the poor boys (Greasers) were treated like outsiders due to their  appearance and where they resided. The higher social class boys(Socs) identified them as outsiders due to these aspects of their lives.  I found images of different examples of what outsiders look like in our society and put those images on poster.

Advice to Others

In my opinion, it takes some brainstorming and interest in a topic to succeed on any project .Also,the readings are useful as well.