In the United States Muslims are considered the minority with 0.9% in 2014.

In the United States Christians are considered the majority with 70.6% in 2014.

Biblical values are being threatened everyday in the U.S. in order for the U.S. to be politically correct.

Latent Function- They want people to know more about their religion and try getting people more into it. Although all spiritual families must be heard and the on going process of determining what the society is about.

Manifest Function- They start forcing people into it and then will end up pushing people away. No one must be forced in the domain of religion or basic belief. People are hard headed and like to figure things out on their own. (Which is what happened the other day at school when they were sitting there yelling at everyday telling us we are all going to hell.)

Power- Some religions think that they have more power over others. Based on the world events, people say Christianity and Islam are fighting it out for the most power.

Knowledge- People think that they have more knowledge about other religions their own thinking theirs is more important.

Stigma-Religious people who sin and do extremely wrong things causes a stigma in their particular religion which makes others look down on it.

Prestige- These religions are all showing honor to their particular God or whoever they worship.

Authority- One of the most politically power religions would be the Catholic religion because of their wealth and how they were controlling it.

Scapegoat- Christians are persecuted for wanting to stand up for the bible. There must be equality between people of different faiths or basic beliefs, Muslims are looked at differently since 9/11 happened.

Oppressed- Muslims and Jews experienced six years high in the number of countries in which they were harassed by national, provincial, or local governments but Christians continue to be the world’s most oppressed religious groups with persecution against them reported in 110 countries.

Prejudice- If you see someone from the middle east you automatically think they are muslim or an islamic extremist. Like when you get on a plane you start to get all nervous and scared if you see middle eastern because of 9/11.