This project is meant to show how a rape victim of all varieties feel after and during their attack. I know a friend who I talked to and they told me somethings that both the victim and attacker would say. I took the sayings like “I told 3 close family members.They told me that I was now damaged goods and that I should keep this secret within the family.”, “Don’t worry, boys are supposed to like this”, “Should I report my rape?” Which I put them in big font on a sheet of paper which I put on board during my presentation. I explained my ten issues which were diversity, power, reward power, authority, media/television, discrimination, misfit, control society, deterrence, and self-defense. I have taken pictures of my project and my outline to help show what I wanted to say with my presentation which is it is hard for people who were raped to continue living their lives. This project was not my best but I hope everyone got my message.


  • Rape does not matter what gender you are
    • 1998, 2.78 million men victims of a sexual assault or rape
    • 1 out of 10 rape victims are male
  • It can happen to anyone of race, gender, and age


  • All victims of a rape are known to be over powered by their attacker.
  • Power is known as controlling a person or an object
  • Power over a person is mostly used mostly by scaring with a weapon or even reward power

Reward Power

  • In the terms of rape it means if the victim does what the attackers says they will get a “happy ending” or let go.


  • the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience
  • many attackers like to give orders
    • put on a specific outfit
    • take a shower
    • blind fold them
  • rape victims like to have authority when it comes to their decisions after the attack
    • do they report it
    • do they go to hospital
    • who do they tell if they even can trust someone?


  • Television shows such as Law and Order SVU (special victims unit) gives an idea of what victims may go through
  • This show is good to watch but it will never be one hundred percent right on the facts
  • It just a show that makes money on stories that may not even be real
  • These shows also give the wrong impression about what rape really is and what the victims really go through


  • many people feel sad for rape victims depending on the victim
  • many people see rape victims as weak, insecure, and need help
  • many people see rape victims as they wanted it or what did they do to receive that


  • Rape victims may not feel like they fit anywhere
  • Which makes their situation worse or even better
    • Some might keep it inside and keep busy (not report)
    • Some might report their rape and the outcome may not be positive
      • Assaulter gets free or probation
    • Some might receive help from a psychiatrist to cope with their problems
  • No matter what a rape victim does they will always feel like a misfit or an outsider
  • They will not be able to trust anyone again or live their life



Control Society

  • Rape victim tend to not trust anyone after their attack
  • They choose what environment they want to live in
  • Choose who they want to be friend with
  • Some of them choose to avoid their whole life together and live in a dark place
    • Psychiatrist have a hard time helping people with victims who have hit this mark
  • Rape victim might even go into a facility that is controlled by an schedule to help them get better


  • The act of preventing a particular act or behavior from happening
  • Many victims especially ones that are women get angry that they were over powered and felt helpless in a single moment.
    • Women would start finding way to defend themselves
    • All rape victims find a way to feel safer
    • Cautious of the environment


  • All rape victims will try to find a way to make sure they will never be attacked again
    • Buy a weapon or have pepper spray
      • I bought a weapon to keep by me every so often
    • Security system in place of home or work
  • For women it is a little different, they feel so helpless
    • So they may take some self-defense classes
  • Even for women who have not been raped
    • May take classes that help with self defense
    • Be safer