Description of the Project: My project is about police brutality happening in the world. Police brutality is basically using too much force on someone who is unarmed and also harmless. Police brutality is mostly Caucasian police officers harming African American males and females. This video will show you an example of it.

List of ideas:  

1. Discrimination – Around the world African American males and some women are discriminated by Caucasian  police officers.

2. Power – Caucasian men around the world have power, but the ones who have the most power are Caucasian police 0fficers.

3. Caucasian privileges – Means privileges that benefit people identified as Caucasian. An example of Caucasian privileges would be “a Caucasian male with a criminal record is 5% more likely to get a job over a man of  color with a clean record.”

4. Sexuality – More African American males are getting killed than African American women.

5. Prejudice – Some Caucasians have fear but mostly hatred towards African Americans.

6. Persuasion – Some Caucasian officers and people don’t hate African  Americans but because a family member taught them to, they do.

7. Racism – Police brutality is built up from racism. You barely see a Caucasian get killed by an African American police officer.

8. Rebellious – Some Caucasian police officers are rebellious. They know that what they do is against the law, but still do it anyway without a care in the world.

9. Causality – Means that everything has a cause and effect. So some Caucasian police officers feel as if they have a cause in everything they do which leads to the effect.


How did I make it?  I made my project with my iPhone and the help of my friends. I was in my dorm room wondering how can I do my project this time?  I asked my roommate Asia Young for some ideas and she came up with a video. The video was fun to record and also brightened our minds on police brutality.  My inspiration was all of the lives that was token because of police brutality.

Advice t0 others: Some advice I’ll give you guys is to think outside the box. It can be the simplest thing but as long as you’re comfortable with it, embrace it! Also ask for help from other classmates, friends, and even family members.