I did my project on law enforcement and how certain things can either make or break the way people see law enforcement.

  1. Discrimination- people thing that police officers have an “unjust treatment” towards another person of the opposite color which in reality they don’t.
  2. Racism- Like what was said above, people think police officers, especially white ones are racist towards blacks because of what we see or what happens but most people don’t really know what happens in the everyday life of a police officer.
  3. Media- Media is a big part of law enforcement when they want to air something that happened with law enforcement. They media will make everything look PG rated so it doesn’t scare or make anybody nervous when in reality everything that happens in law enforcement is mostly R rated.
  4. Power- With all the power we’ve read/talked about, I think all police officers have that power.
  5. Tomi Lahren- Tomi talks about how people are taking down the American Flag because they don’t like what police officers are doing. The police officers are doing their job, when they pull someone over for something, it isn’t for fun, it’s because they saw something that wasn’t right. It’s their job.
  6. Anti-Police Brutality-  I don’t believe there’s a thing like this. I mean I know it’s real because like I said people see it on television but I think that’s just the R rated version. Because it does happen but I think it only happens because people don’t listen to the police officers and they have to do whatever it takes to make the people stop and even listen.


What you could learn: What we see on television isn’t what’s really true. Everything is just made to look nice or not as bad. And there isn’t just white police officers, there’s every color police officer and not every “white” police officers is racist.

How did I make it: With the picture above, I just used play dough to make two different colors police officers.